Am I the Only One Seeing This?

I see strange and ironic things everywhere – like every day.  Seriously, a day doesn’t go by that I don’t stop and ask myself am I the only one seeing this or am I the only person who finds this weird.  For example, shortly after I moved to Texas I was driving to work and there was a real old west wagon train rolling down the far right lane of the interstate during morning rush hour.  This wagon train slowed traffic but not so much as to cause a traffic jam.  It was like everyone else on the road saw this every day and it was no big deal.  I found out later it happens every year in preparation for month-long event called the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.  So, I guess for the locals, it really wasn’t a big deal but I was dumbstruck. It is not every day you see a horse drawn covered wagon. It didn’t even feel real.  I call the more bizare moments like the wagon train incident Truman Show moments.  Remember that movie?  a guy spends his whole life as part of a giant reality show.  The whole world is watching him trip through life and he has no idea.  Yeah, the especially weird occurrences truly feel like that.  So, if this is really just some giant TV show, then you idiots know I’m standing here typing this in my Wal-Mart nightgown and bed head.  If in fact life is just that strange and I’m just that strange for noticing the weirdness (like I’m assuming is the case) then buckle up buttercup I will be highlighting these strange and ironic things in posts to come.

IMG_0266I’m sorry today’s example of irony is not as exciting as a wagon train rolling down the interstate. It nostalgic and comes to you from my local Kroger grocery store check out line. Yes friends pictured here is the Life Saver Storybook that we all used to get in our stockings but with one change.  Check it out – it only has one side?!  What in the fresh hell is that?  Life Saver Storybook had two sides when I was growing up.  Each side was a mirror image starting and ending with the classic variety pack and there was (I think) three other tubes one was all cherry or as we called it in my white trash (err blue colar) neighborhood “Red”. One was butterscotch and it always went straight to the trash with the wrapping paper. The last one escapes IMG_0267me – maybe it was peppermint.  Anyway, the main thing is there were TWO sides.  Now, there is only one.  How ironic.  Americans are getting fatter and trying to be healthier but the candy companies know we aren’t going to give up nostalgia so they will just shrink the candy to one side instead of two. I see what you did there Life Saver and I am not amused. [Gives the stink eye to Life Saver]

P.S. I promise there will be stranger and more ironic things in the future this one just happened to occur today.


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