Going mainstream


IMG_0268.jpgHere we go with irony again. Prepper, survivalist, extremist, are just a couple of names I’ve heard for people interested in getting back to basics and out of the rat race.  I’m not sure when this movement started or how it gained traction.  All I know is that down here in the South, almost everyone I know is a prepper to a certain extent or knows someone who is. The funniest part is that no one talks about it.  It’s like Fight Club – the first rule of fight club is fight club doesn’t exist.  The first rule of prepping is never to admit you do it.  There are tons of “underground” blogs and newsletters out there written under false names so that no one can trace the writer to their secret bunker in Montana and yet here in my grocery store check out is a magazine devoted to prepping.  This whole movement sort of reminds me of home schooling about 30 years ago.  If you think back to the 1980s and 1990s the only people who home schooled where hippies, religious cult members and those with incredibly sick kids that couldn’t attend school.  There was this whole stereotype – waist length hair, homemade clothes – heavy on the denim, an epic amount of children – they were homeschooled.  Now, anyone and everyone home schools.  It’s no big deal.  I wonder if prepping is evolving into the no big deal phase.

I wish I knew one of those extreme Montana bunker living people.  I would send them a copy of this magazine and ask their opinion.


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