This is just nuts

Y’all, seriously, this has been the week for weird. I mean it. Every. Damn. Day. Just. Something. Strannnnge. So I’m minding my own business, looking at Facebook in bed while the hubs watches some stupid show about digging up pirate loot on some remote island up near Nova Scotia (I think) and I see this come across my feed.  That my friends is a screen shot of a candle.  Apparently, it’s banana nut bread scented hence the same “SmellIMG_0289.png My Nuts”.  I just couldn’t believe it.  I don’t know what algorithm Facebook or Amazon is using but for some reason I get this post showing me best sellers I might be interested. I can assure you I am NOT interested.  I don’t use candles and I haven’t bought anything with nuts in it other than peanut butter in well forever.  Who would buy this??!!!  And that title? Smell my Nuts??!! Eww.  I nearly logged on just so I could ask the seller if these nuts were the clean, sweaty or hairy variety and if I could pick which variety I wanted?  I figured that was a little over the top or it had already been done so I talked myself down.  But, wait it gets better, so upon further investigation it seems they also have a candle called “Nice Melons”. I have to admit the innuendo/double entendre makes me laugh.  It sounds like something I would name my candles if I had a candle company. It’s very in your face and sarcastic.  I like it.  It’s just too bad that I hate the scent of both melon and nuts or I might have to purchase one of these things just for fun.




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