Why Y’all?

Other than the obvious play on words of having it all/y’all why in the world would one use the word “y’all”?  Well, if you are the from the South it is obvious and no explanation is required.  But, if you aren’t from the South, then you need an explanation.  First of all, y’all is one of my all-time favorite words.  I know this to be true and a Facebook vonvon quiz confirmed this.  What is this strange quiz you ask?  It’s the coolest little thing in the world.  It’s apparently some fancy algorithm that analyzed my page and it popped up with my own little wordle looking thing that “Y’all” was the most used word.  Y’all was used more than my kid’s names.  WOW!

Second, y’all is just a great catch word.  It can be used to garner attention –  Hey y’all watch this.  It can be used as a pronoun or identifier – What do y’all want to do?  I just use it all the time for various things.  Pay attention. You’ll see it in almost every post I write.

So anyway, check it out, it’s fun. Here is a link to the quiz.  https://en.vonvon.me/ScSj9
And, if you noticed if you noticed that other word, wordle, and want to know more about that here is that link as well. www.wordle.net.  It’s a groovy little word are thing you can make cool stuff with.   Both of these are awesome time wasters.

P.S. I don’t get any kickbacks, free stuff or even a thank you for any of the products and services I mention on this blog.  This is just me discovering things and sharing my discovery with friends.  If, by some chance, someone wants to give me free stuff I will take it cause I’m cheap and I love free stuff.


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