See you next Tuesday

Y’all, I am about to share with you something that will completely change your day.  It may even change your life.  But first, the back story, I’m talking to my sister-in-law over the phone about some family matters when she busts out with, “So and So is such a see you next Tuesday.”  I’m sitting there going huh? And then it dawns on me.  Has it dawned on you yet? If not, let me help.  You see that glorious phrase, see you next Tuesday, is actually sort of an acronym. Granted it’s more of a phonetic acronym but still an acronym nonetheless.  If you’re still having trouble, let me break it down for you.

See = C
You = U
Next = N
Tuesday = Yeah, now you get it.

Did you just hear that?  Yep, it was angels singing.  You now have one of the best ways to curse and call someone one of the ugliest words in the English language without ever saying anything dirty.  Can you imagine the possibilities? You can be sitting at your child’s school, at work or even at church and say, “What a see you next Tuesday.” and it is perfectly socially acceptable.  Unless someone equally quick on the uptake gets it, you are golden.  Let’s just say there is someone quick on the uptake around that knows exactly what you are saying when you say “see you next Tuesday”. If they call you out for it then they are outting themselves as well.  If that happens, just look them dead in the eye and say, “I didn’t curse but you are a dirty minded son of a bitch for implying I was. I’m a lady.  I don’t talk that way.”   I mean honestly, who would call you out? Only an asshat would, that’s who.

Now go out and spread this lovely phrase and if you use it please comment or send me a message on how you used it. Apparently I have a contact form on this page. You can use that or comment below.  Or if you know me personally you can just shoot me a message.  I’m dying to hear how this goes for everyone.  I for one have been using it as often as I can.  Didn’t I tell you this is a game changer?  You’re welcome.  I’ve done my good deed for the day.


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