Hitting the Wall

Well, it was bound to happen.  I hit a wall.  No, not literally only figuratively.  Actually, it’s more like a small tumble down a hill punctuated by hitting one’s elbow and knee on rocks protruding out of the ground. I decide to start a blog and the ideas and fodder are just flowing. I mean it was like magma and then my laptop starts really giving me trouble.  In all honestly it’s been dying a slow death since this summer but its been limping along. I tried to repair it watching YouTube videos and buying parts from Amazon.  Don’t give me that judgy look – everybody does it.  Sometimes it’s a make up tutorial and sometime’s it’s how to rebuild your 6 year old laptop but everyone watches YouTube tutorials in hopes of doing it yourself. Well, my do it yourself was a fail and now my “fix” is worse than the initial problem.  Have you ever tried writing a blog on wonky laptop. Yeah, it’s not fun.

Then comes a week of my kids being off.  I refuse to write a blog on that tiny iPhone keypad.  Are you kidding me, I can’t even type a text without it looking like I’m illiterate.  Misspells, strange emojis I didn’t mean to add, I mean it’s just a train wreck. Plus, we went hiking in this remote desert canyon so I had no signal – literally it said no signal.  So really the whole venture was just impossible.

And right as all this came to a head I literally could not think of a thing to talk about but over the course of the week I have more fodder and food for thought.  Bottom line, I’m here and I’m back and I shall start this up again so please stay tuned.

P.S. I am actually searchable now on the interwebs.  One has to put in my site name all run together like so tryingtohaveityall.  If you do that, you’ll see a link.  If you type in trying to have it yall or trying to have it yall blog it comes up with a whole lot of ridiculousness that isn’t me.  I started a mirror blog on blogger but honestly I find this interface to be easier. I think I’m going to keep the other one just in case.  I may even decide to go the paid route and get my own domain.  But, I feel as though I need a real readership for that venture.

P.P.S. I have a new laptop on order. I am typing this on my hubs computer.  I don’t like it but you do what you can, am I right?


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