No Silver Bullets

Weird title huh?  Yeah it’s weird but I’m calling today’s post that because I firmly believe there are no silver bullets in life.  Which is to say there is no one thing that any of us can do that will miraculous change things.  There is no one thing that will make us beautiful or skinny and successful or insert cool adjective here.  Those terms are so subjective.  One person’s successful is not another person’s successful.  The same can be said for skinny or pretty or rich or any other word one can think of to describe a person. My parents didn’t subscribe to that notion.  You see, I was one of a handful in my family to graduate high school.  I was the first in my family on either side, maternal or paternal, to attend college or an institution of higher learning. It was drilled into me that I must attend college if I had any hope of doing something other than flipping burgers at a fast food restaurant. When I graduated high school I enrolled in a local respectable college. I got one grant, a couple of loans, a 30 hour a week job, one credit card and I made it out in four years with a major and double minor.  However, if I could go back with all the knowledge that I have gleaned since graduating college, I would do things differently.  Had I know the opportunities available to me, had I had a mentor who could have exposed me to different options, had I had a decent adviser in high school or college, I would have taken a total different path than the generic business route I ended up taking.  Would I have still attended college?  Yes, but, I would have gone a different route.

I have a family member that thinks I’m crazy for not pushing the idea of college on my kids. The truth is I am teaching my kids they have options.  I’m teaching my kids they need a skill, a livelihood, a passion, a way to turn what they are good at into a paying gig.  A generic business degree or a degree in philosophy will not feed you unless you are incredibly lucky.  Becoming a teacher, doctor, nurse, electrician, hair stylist, welder, engineer, architect, etc., etc. – those kind of jobs are specialized and skill driven.  They will always be needed.  Those jobs will pay your bills – not the phony baloney shit I’m doing now.  Some of those jobs require a four year degree or more; others only require an associates or trade school and certification.  It helps that there is a famous person championing this line of thinking. His name is Mike Rowe.  He’s a pretty cool and incredibly smart guy.  You may know him from his cable TV show, Dirty Jobs, but he’s just an all around interesting guy.  I invite you watch the short clip below.


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