Live and in Person

This is it.  My coming out of hiding day.  I am live and in person on the interwebs.  I’ve been doing this blog for four weeks.  I have told precious few people because quite frankly I didn’t think I’d make it this long.  I have a history of having fantastic ideas, getting really excited about said idea and then just letting it die on the vine.  Honestly, I’m typically okay with that.  I usually think of 1,000 reasons why it wouldn’t have worked anyway.  But not this time. No Sir.  I am doing this.  Well, at least until I get bored or paid or I find something better to do.  Oh honestly isn’t that what most of us think about our jobs.  I know this isn’t a real job but I’m trying to think of it as one.  I intend to publish a post every day Monday thru Friday with weekends off. (Whispers – Like how I kinda left it open with the word intend that way I can slack ass if I want to?)

I’m still getting my feet wet with everything. The style, color scheme, layout, etc. will probably change.  If things go well I may expand into vlogs on YouTube or tweets on Twitter but for now I’m just focused on getting content written and posted. Topics will run the gamut – from current events, to issues that are important to me, movie/book recommendations and of course, my favorite, sharing the weird/random things that seem to find me on an almost daily basis.

Feel free to read old entries, like, share, tell your friends, message in a bottle, whatever you feel comfortable doing.  You can say something like, “Hey y’all, I came across this bat shit crazy lady that has this super amateur blog.  It’s insane and super Southern. You gotta read this crap.” That would be the highlight of my day and possibly even the highlight of my week or month.



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