Opinion Validated

I love it when someone with more clout agrees with me.  I mean don’t we all? It’s so nice to be validated. Am I right?  So imagine my surprise when I log on to the interwebs this morning and find none other than Heather Land, the “I Ain’t Doin It’ lady saying pretty much the exact same thing as I said yesterday. She doesn’t know it but we are best friends.  Like we share a brain.  I have agreed with her on every single video she’s made except maybe the pumpkin spice one.  Actually, I agree with her on that one too. Contrary to what some people think, you can over do pumpkin spice – but I digress.  Check out her hysterical take on Elf on the Shelf below.  Incidentally, she and my cousin inspired me to try Snapchat – which is a whole other conversation.


P.S. My kids don’t think these videos are funny.  Clearly they haven’t reached enough maturity to understand good comedy.

P.P.S. My daughter calls this the Gollum filter as she says it makes everyone look like Gollum from Lord of the Rings.  She says it’s just too creepy to watch.


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