Bound to Happen

IMG_0536.jpgWell it was bound to happen, I missed a deadline. Let’s be honest, it’s really just a contrived, made up deadline but I missed it nonetheless. I didn’t write on Friday. No, I didn’t forget. I was busy making a birthday cake for my oldest. I officially became the mom of a teenager this weekend and that feels very surreal. And, like everyone else at this time of year, I’m busier than the best whore in the whore house on two for one night.  I love the holidays.  I hate the holidays.  It’s complicated.  In fact, I can see many blogs centered around the holidays in the coming weeks.  Oh hell let’s just get started.

Why are the holidays so stressful? Every year I say I’m not going to stress out but every year it’s the same.  I try different things to minimize the stress – less presents, more online shopping, less stores, less baking, only X number of outings a week, no Christmas cards, blah, blah, blah. I’m starting to think holiday stress is a function of being an adult.  I don’t recall much holiday stress as a child.  All I can remember being responsible for was making a Christmas list/letter to Santa and trying to stay off the naughty list.  Wait, now that I think about it that was pretty damn stressful but I digress.  As kids we don’t have to worry about offending the in-laws or making both sets of parents happy.  We don’t have to worry about who’s house we are doing what holiday at and if we bought enough presents for everyone on our Christmas list.  Kids don’t have to worry about making sure everyone has a good Christmas that includes meaningful memories that will last a lifetime and not nightmares. (I’m looking at you scuzzy mall Santa.)  And all that stuff I just mentioned is chump change if you are short on money.  That’s the ultimate holiday stresser of all.

Maybe if we just acknowledge that the holidays are a hard time and just keep reminding ourselves that fact maybe we can talk ourselves off the ledge another day.  Who knows, if you are reading this and you are stressed maybe just knowing that there is someone out there just as stressed out as you are is validation that we can get through yet another season without drinking ourselves stupid or decking someone’s halls for getting in our face. Or maybe, we all just need to ask Santa for a case of our favorite Christmas cheer and a punching bag for Christmas.

P.S. No copy write infringement intended for the meme I lifted using a google search.

P.P.S.  Said photo has nothing to do with this blog post, I just love Cousin Eddie.  Let’s face it we all have an embarrassing black sheep in our family.  If you don’t know who that black sheep is then it’s you. Embrace your crazy.


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