A Date with George Bailey

its-a-wonderful-life-bailey-family-05.jpgI was first introduced to the movie It’s a Wonderful Life by my mother when I was about 8 or 9 years old. Like me, she was a natural night owl and would often sit up watching t.v. long after the house was asleep.  The night of said introduction, she barged into my room long after I had been asleep and demanded I get up and come to her room.  She said this was a fantastic movie and everyone should watch it and so I knew I better sit down or face her wrath.  It didn’t matter she had to work the next day or I had school.  It seems weird now to think of staying up late to watch anything but these were the days before widespread cable t.v., VCR’s and movie rentals. Wizard of Oz only came on once a year and It’s a Wonderful Life had not started it’s yearly rotation at Christmastime.  

Fast forward to present day where It’s a Wonderful Life is shown multiple times on multiple networks throughout the Christmas season. If you don’t feel like watching it when it’s shown you can rent it on various platforms or even buy your own copy.  I have a copy in my own movie library.  After all these years it remains one of my all time favorite movies, not because my mother woke up and made me watch it, because I see myself in George Bailey.  Over the years I have felt more in touch with different parts of George’s struggle than others but the basic themes remain the same.  The desire to rise above our station or hometown. The thirst for adventure or just something more out of life. The sense of duty and obligation one feels towards  family, friends and their community.  The wonder of what it would be like if we’d never been born after a particularly rough patch in life.  George Bailey is every person and we all are him.  

So now I’m going to pull one of my Mother’s stunts. [Raises eyebrows and gives you the stink eye]  During this Christmas season go watch It’s a Wonderful Life.  Cry with George on his struggle, marvel at his strength and determination and consider how you are George Bailey. 

**Photo Credit – Lifted from a Google search. Thanks Google

P.S. I think I’m going to only post a couple of times a week unless I am just so moved by current event that I can’t keep my mouth shut. What with the holidays, low readership and everyone being busy I feel like it’s the way to go. If you feel differently, let me know.


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