I, Animatronic

Today, The Disney Company and a Donald Trump animatronic broke the internet.  In all fairness, it starting breaking the internet a few weeks ago when Disney Parks announced that The Hall of Presidents show at the Magic Kingdom would finally reopen after being closed for a year.  One of the blogs I follow posted the news and had to delete her post within hours of it going live.  She didn’t state her opinion, she just announced the news.  The people tore her apart.  They accused her of backing Trump, of being a supporter, of being a bad person/racist/baby killer – okay I’m exaggerating on that baby killer thing – but you get my drift.  The level of vitriol leveled at this poor woman stunned me.

The attraction opened today and every news outlet from CNN, to NBC, to the Politico to people like me are talking about it.  And again, I find myself astounded.  Disney was blasted for taking too long to do the animatronic, now the headlines gripe that the likeness is horrible. And then there are headlines like Today Show that read “the robot president of your nightmares.”  I’m sure that was never meant to have a double meaning. (Yes, that was sarcasm.)  Now let’s talk the comments section. Good lord, the level of hate getting spilled over this animatronic is just over the top.  You don’t see that kind of outrage for real issues like war.

Poor Disney was doomed from the get go.  If they didn’t put in Trump they were pandering to the Left. If Disney did put in Trump it would be an abomination and a stain on our country.  The attraction is called the Hall of Presidents.  That means all of the Presidents – the good, the bad, the crook, the utterly forgettable, all of them.  We should all be thankful it’s not the Hall of Vice Presidents.  Can you imagine an animatronic Al Gore or Joe Biden. I get triggered just thinking about it.

I am attaching a video posted by Disney vloger, Disney Dan, that shows Trump’s speech in its entirety.  Honestly, it’s the best speech the man has ever given.


**No copyright infringement – just sharing the news. Don’t sue me.  I’m broke

P.S. –  Yes, the title was a play on I, Robot.



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