Middle Age Crazy

I had a helluva time trying to come up with a title for this entry.  There are SO many I could have used and will probably end up using in the future as I can see this topic will not be exhausted in just one post. Now, let’s get to it.

Not so long ago I realized I’m well and truly middle-aged.  I can no longer claim to be young, granted young is relative.  I’m sure compared to a 90 year old I am young but when you just look at basic facts I’m not young; I’m middle-aged.  And, with middle age comes a myriad of thoughts, feelings, and issues.  No, I’m not talking about the obvious crap like an aging body.  I’m talking about issues like aging parents, the feeling of invisibility, watching your children grow up at an alarming rate right before your eyes and the weirdest of all is when you think about something taking place 10 years ago you automatically think the 90s, not 2008.  At some point, I plan to explore all of those issues but right now let’s speak in generalities.

I don’t know about you but I never thought about middle age.  When I was growing up and after I became a young adult I never considered that time frame.  Much like the middle child, it’s overlooked.  You’re a child, then a teen, then a young adult and then there’s just life and before you know it you’re old. Old, now there’s another topic for another time.  It’s so subjective now that we are all living longer but I digress. I remember being in my 20s thinking by the time I’m in my 40s I’d have it all figured out.  Yeah, right.  While I do have a better handle on my own truths, (I’m type A. I can’t stand clutter. I prefer the company of dogs to real people.) I find that now more than ever I am confused about my place in the world.  I’m still someone’s child, yet now I have to think about sick, elderly or dying parents.  I’m a parent but my children are older so there’s no more ‘mommy and me’ groups.   At this age, most everyone is well and truly rooted in their career.  If you’re like me and got out of the workforce, you’re trying desperately to get reacclimated to the new way of doing things.  At this age, we are in the middle not one thing or the other.  And then there are the nostalgic feels, we are finally old enough to have our own version of the good ole days, i.e. the late 70s and 80s.  Is it any wonder some people go out and buy a Corvette or worse in an attempt to try to make everything make sense or to feel more youthful and relevant?

And, now that I have awoken the philosopher in you and have you questioning your own age and place in the world chew on this – Eric Clapton is going deaf.  What in the fresh hell?!  All of our heroes are dying or are getting old.  I wonder if they hum My Generation by The Who to themselves?  If you’re drawing a blank on that reference, here are the lyrics.

P.S. – Totally unrelated to this post but… if you like, you can check me out on Facebook. Each time I post here a link comes up on my Trying to Have it Y’all facebook page.  To borrow from the Youtube world, like, subscribe, follow all that crap. If you ever read anything of mine that particularly resonates or you think something is just hysterical please share on your Facebook or Twitter.  One day, I’d love for this blog to be featured on a syndicated platform – think some of the bigger mom blogs and online magazines like one of my personal favorites, Purple Clover.  I’m doing this cause I want to but it would be lovely if I could actually make a living doing this.  Unfortunately, you gotta ask for help. I hate asking people for help. Such is the way with online media/entertainment. Oh man back about 10 years ago… (whispers – see what I did there?).


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