Random, Rants

Brain Dump

just my mindThat right there is one of my all-time favorite memes; like I want to frame it and hang it in my house kind of favorites.  This is literally me ALL THE TIME. Some days the crap swirling around in my head is so thick it’s like a fog. I’m genuinely off in my own little world.  This past week has been particularly bad.  I have been completely in my head.  I’m going to blame it on the weather because it’s been wet, cold and dreary but in all honesty, it’s probably just a myriad of things coming together to produce brain fog. The topics that keep swimming to the top like the triangle in a magic 8 ball are society’s bias against unseen diseases and disorders, the fate of our country, how Mardi Gras is so much better than Valentine’s Day, The Winter Olympics and what inspires people.  Yes, I know that is the most disjointed, random group of topics in the universe.  Welcome to my brain.   Since the majority of those topics are really heavy, I’m going for the fluff.

So, today is actually Mardi Gras – Fat Tuesday.  Yep, it all comes to an end tonight at midnight. No more king cakes, no more beads, no more parades or parties, just 40 days of behaving one’s self and for many, giving up things like meat, sugar, chocolate, alcohol, and cursing.  In recent years, a lot of clergy has been stressing the whole concept of instead of giving up something, give of one’s self.  That’s all fine and dandy and a truly noble thing to do but I’m gonna be honest; I’m not giving up jack diddly this year.  Furthermore, I’m probably not going to do much good either – other than what I already do like signaling a turn, returning my cart to the cart caddy at the grocery store and holding open doors. I just don’t have it in me.  But back to the fluff, the reason Mardi Gras is so much better than Valentine’s is it’s not just a day but a season.  The season starts on Twelfth night (Epiphany) and runs until Ash Wednesday.  You literally get weeks of fun, not just one day.  And, if you are lucky enough to live in Louisiana, you get time off of school and possibly work.  I do think it’s ironic that Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s falls on the same day this year.  I bet no one is giving up chocolate this year.  I know I’m not.

Second fluff topic of the day, the Winter Olympics. First of all, who in the world thought South Korea would be a good place to have the Olympics?  Honestly, who would think to have something this high profile just a few miles away from a trigger-happy, madman that may or may not have nukes?  That just has a huge payout to somebody written all over it.  And, did you see that opening ceremony?  Weird AF and empty stands.  The only good thing about it was that shirtless, skirt wearing flagbearer.  Next, let’s discuss the sporting events.  Down here in the South, we participate in ice hockey and figure skating; some larger cities may have speed skating. We ski here, although, it’s usually people who live in the Carolina mountains, transplants from the North and rich folks.  However, I don’t know a soul from the South that has done curling, or bobsledding, or the luge.  We’re doing good to have a couple of inches of snow a year much less enough to practice going down the side of a mountain on a crazy looking sled on our backs.  The best is the sports commentators.  They’re over there with serious looks on their faces, wondering why the USA isn’t gold in everything.  Meanwhile, I’m screaming at the television, ‘Hey dumbass, it’s because Norway, Canada, and the Netherlands are freezing and these are the sports they grew up playing.’  How much is NBC paying these idiots to act surprised and concerned?  They could pay me half and I would give them a better performance.

Okay, y’all this was totally a random bitch session/brain dump – hence the title.  I do have a funny story for next time. It’s one of those ‘did that really happen’ posts.  I was going to include it today but this post has gone on long enough.  I’m off to watch Mardi Gras parades on live stream.  Happy Mardi Gras, y’all!



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