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Bearing All for Valentine’s Day

I wasn’t going to do a post on Valentines but this showed up on my Facebook feed.


This is part of an advertisement for a local salon who happens to be running a waxing special for Valentine’s Day.  This ad gave me such a case of red ass (no, not because I got a wax) that I just had to talk about it.

Why in the world do we as women feel we need to do anything to ourselves to please a man? Furthermore, what about what Mama Bear wants?  Why doesn’t the ad say something like Mama Bear likes X, buy her a gift card today? Or, just plain Mama Bear likes X.  Why does this ad emphasize the need to cater to someone else’s tastes?  I bet Papa Bear would also like if Mama Bear made home cooked meals topless every night but you don’t see advertisements for that, do you? People are over here screaming #metoo but what about bullshit like this?  We bang our drums at every turn about how women are equal to men, and we are, but yet we still feel the need to look a certain way for men instead of for ourselves.

The lions share of men don’t think or worry about how they look for us and quite frankly I’m okay with that.  My hubs is currently sporting a goatee. It looks nice on him.  I hate it.  It feels likes I’m kissing a wild animal and not in a good way.  He knows I feel this way but I would NEVER ask him to shave it off.  That goatee is on his face, not mine, and he likes it.  Who am I to ask him to alter his body in any way for me? Why in the world would it be okay for him (or any other man) to ask me (or any other woman) to alter our bodies?  It wouldn’t.

So the next time I want to get an eyebrow wax, I shan’t be going to the place that featured this advertisement.  I don’t care if they are the best in town and offer sting free wax and a bottle of free champagne.  I wax whatever I want for me and I don’t care who does or doesn’t like it.


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