Happy Heart

pexels-photo-255441.jpegA forever friend recently asked the following question on Facebook, “What inspires you?” I confess, I didn’t answer her question, mainly because my first thought was ‘everything’ and I didn’t want to hijack her post.  But, her post produced a lot of deep thought on my part trying to come up with a mental list.  Then, wouldn’t you know it, the universe handed me something cool. I found a list I started a while back written on the back of my car registration paperwork.  Why I chose to write this list on such an important document, I have no idea.  I’m pretty sure it’s because it was the only available piece paper and I was having a moment of clarity and wanted to capture it. I confess this happens a lot but I digress, back to the list.

The list was titled, “Things That Make My Heart Happy.”  I realize this is not the same as things that inspire me but it’s close enough.  On the list were the following items:

  • My daughter’s smile
  • My son’s laugh
  • Blue skies with big fluffy white clouds like the walls in Andy’s Room in Toy Story
  • Driving on an open road as far as the eye can see with no cops around
  • Fields of Cotton
  • The smell of honeysuckle when driving with the windows rolled down
  • Really good music
  • A really good story
  • Ice cream
  • The beach
  • Disney
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Puppies

This list was obviously composed while riding in the car but it still holds true. The only thing I would add to make it what inspires me would be nature’s beauty in general and stories of accomplishment over immense adversity.  I am always amazed at the perfection of nature (think perfectly symmetrical shells) and the strength of the human spirit.

What’s on your list? Do you have one, even a mental one?  It’s kind of a fun exercise.  It certainly brings to light what is truly important in one’s life.




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