Pi Day

IMG_0832.jpgYou may have noticed, I haven’t posted in almost a week.  That’s because my kids are on Spring Break.  We have been having a banner week filled with lots of unstructured fun and very few rules and have to dos.  As luck would have it, not only do we get to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day during Spring Break but also Pi Day (today).  In our old town, we used to celebrate every year by going to a wonderful pie shop not far from our house.  Since we now live in a new town, we had to improvise.  That improvisation was the realization of a bucket list item.

I don’t know about you but ever since I was a small child watching The Three Stooges and Looney Toons Cartoons, I have wanted to throw a pie in someone’s face and/or have a pie thrown in my face.  But, as I have stated before, I’m cheap (whispers – yes I know I should call it frugal) and I don’t like to waste anything, especially food. I can hear that little voice talking about starving children in Africa when that pie gets thrown. As if that pie could actually make it to Africa in one piece for all those starving kids – but I digress.  Since I’ve always wanted to throw a pie and we had no Pi Day plans, I decided today was the perfect day to realize this dream.

Off to Walmart we went for cheap supplies. We bought the cheapest pie shells and whipped topping they had.  After I got home, the OCD kicked in.  Where should we have this pie fight?  In the grass?  No, it’s so messy and the dog will try to eat it or it will attract wildlife.  Plus, it’s kinda cold outside.  It’s not like we can hose each other off.  In the house?  Oh hell to the no.  Then it hit me.  The shower stall in my bathroom.  Since the whole bathroom is tile I could just hose it off with the shower wand.  And friends, that’s what we did.  We dressed in swimsuits – ones the kids had outgrown and were worn out anyway.  We prepped our pies (as seen in the picture) and we proceeded to pitch those pies at each other in my bathroom.  Oh. My. God. The. Mess.  Did you know store bought pie shells must have a tremendous fat content because when they come in contact with water they are a gelatinous greasy mess?  The same thing goes for whipped topping.  You have to have hot water to dissolve that stuff.  I shudder to think what that crap is doing to my pipes.  I’m probably headed to Costco tomorrow for 8 cases of draino.  But, oh my gosh was that fun and totally worth the $10 I spent on supplies and the hour it took me to clean up the mess in my bathroom.


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