Working hard or hardly working

Spring Break is over in my area. After a week of having fun with the kids, it means getting back to work.  For me, that means feeling a lot like Lucy Ricardo trying to break into show business but in my case, it’s trying to find a job to fit my needs.  I’m updating my resume.  I’m exploring options with online task oriented websites as well as transcription.  Transcription is actually kind of interesting but it literally pays less than a dollar for an hour of work and you get stiff from sitting for hours on end.  I’m also looking at the temp world – more on that later.  Then, there’s this blog.  Y’all, I’m determined to make this sucker work.  I mean have you read Buzzfeed lately? I put out better quality than that crap.  Not to mention some of the other crapola circulating out there on the web.  Holy moly, the other day I was reading the New York Times online and the mistakes just blew me away.  I was looking for my red pen.  I legit wanted to email someone and say, ‘are you kidding with all these mistakes?’  I’m just going off of 11th grade grammar and the Grammarly app and I know that shit is wrong.

But, back to the blog, I’m making a few changes. Very soon I will have a legit looking web page address and possibly a new layout. I need something cute but not distracting. I’m having a hard time with that. This is where a background in web design would be nice, not 15-year-old outdated graphic design skills.

Now, on to temp work.  I have a lot of experience with this.  When the Hubs and I moved around more (before kids), I usually ended up working for a temporary employment agency while looking for a job in my field.  This worked out well as it gave me a relatively steady stream of income and could provide leads to a job in my field.  The only drawback was some of the places I worked for.  You know there was a reason some of these places couldn’t keep employees.  I remember one place, in particular, I was told not to use any perfume as the owner was highly allergic. I used hand lotion before I left the house. It was not strong. I don’t even remember it having a real scent and one would think 30 minutes in the car would dissipate any smell, right? Wrong.  I actually had the human resources lady greet me in the hall, sniff me and tell me to wash off whatever scent I was wearing.  Let me tell you, you’ve never lived till you’ve had a grown woman sniff you like a bloodhound.  Then there was the time I worked for an oil and mineral exploration company.  It was a small company of about 10 men and zero women. I was instructed to come in for a little meet and greet at lunchtime when the office was closed.  This meeting was supposed to ensure I was a good fit.  When I arrived, I was greeted by the owner who happened to be shirtless and sweaty. It seems he was working out in his office. This was the only place of business I’ve ever worked that had an actual ladies wearing swimsuit calendar in the breakroom. Everyone there was very nice and otherwise professional but I can’t help but wonder how they weren’t drowning in sexual harassment lawsuits. Now that I’m signing up for temp work again I can’t help but wonder what kind of ridiculousness I will encounter this time around.  I’m hoping for something really outrageous like trannies and face tattoos or maybe just calendars featuring girls in swimsuits.


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