Playing Politics

I votedI didn’t grow up in a political household.  Sure, the local and national news blared from the television every night but there was rarely any discussion. We never had a political sign in the yard and I don’t recall seeing anyone sporting the cute ‘I voted’ sticker (seen left) on their shirt. The only remotely political moments I can remember was my uncle wearing a T-shirt featuring Mickey Mouse dressed as Uncle Sam flipping the bird and holding a sign that read Iran and my mother and stepdad calling the 1984 Mondale/Ferraro ticket ‘Tits and Fritz’.  I got in huge trouble at school parroting that ‘Tits and Fritz’ slogan during Weekly Reader time.  That was the day I learned don’t repeat anything you hear at home.  My husband, on the other hand, comes from a political household.  People talk about politics. Signs are proudly posted in the yard.  Some volunteer for a candidates campaign. And, it’s unthinkable to abstain from voting.

We currently live in a pocket town within a very large city.  It sounds kind of weird when you put it that way but most very large cities have similar situations – Houston, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles to name a few.  These little pocket towns, once considered far from the city, have gradually been swallowed by the leviathan.  However, some of these little towns manage to hang on to some autonomy by electing mayors and city presidents. Don’t let their size fool you. Politics in these little towns are hot. I meancutthroatt.

Early voting is about to wrap up with the actual polling date occurring in a few days.  I have had more knocks at my door, seen more fliers and mailouts, and watched more mud slung on Facebook over this piddly rinky-dink town mayor position than I have over the state Governor position.  It’s bad y’all.  One dude’s family member called out the opponent on a Facebook neighborhood garage sale page.  He made it sound like the opponent was the devil himself.  As my Grandma would say, “He called him everything but a dirty, white boy.”  Incidentally, I don’t know what being white has to do with anything but whatever. Old people.  Y’all, the garage sale page.  I mean how ridiculous.  People are over here trying to score a cheap lawn mower and here comes Joe Bob talking trash about somebody.  As far as I’m concerned you can talk trash all day long if they guy is selling bad merchandise but if you are questioning this dude’s ability to run the town go peddle your crazy somewhere else. I’m trying to score a deal.

All of this tomfoolery has led me to make the decision to not vote in this particular election.  Don’t worry, I heard Susan B. Anthony roll over in grave just now, thank you very much.  I am duty-bound to vote. Women fought hard for this right. I understand and I agree.  But, since I am new to this town and don’t know a soul or the problems and issues this town faces I feel it would be irresponsible of me to pick someone who may or may not have the town’s best interests at heart.  I can already hear the folks yammering about ‘but one vote’.  To that, I say, indeed.  One vote can sway the outcome and what if my uninformed vote sways the outcome in the wrong direction.  It is best for me to sit down, shut up, and observe my new town so that I can make an informed and wise choice the next time we are called to voice our opinion.  And, if you don’t agree with my opinion, watch out I’ll trash you on the Facebook community garage sale page.



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