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Twitter Moments

twitter-logoMy poor friends, at least once a day one of them is subjected to a twitter moment.  What is a twitter moment you ask? Well, it’s typically some random ridiculous thought that bubbles up to the top that I feel compelled to share with someone I think would laugh at it the most.  Yes, I am an attention seeker but only in a very basic way.  Seriously, I just get the most random thought and say, ‘Hum, who can I share this with?’ And, bam I pick some lucky (or unlucky depending on your perspective) friend and subject them to my crazy musings.

I’ll admit I have my favorite test subjects for these things.  It varies depending on my subject matter. For example, one friend likes it when I get REALLY super country.  The more ridiculous twang twang country I get, the better.  She’s from the North so she thinks the Souther schtik is funny.  Another friend gets the majority of my cursing and highly offensive humor because she too is equally offensive and likes to curse.  Then there is the general ridiculousness.  Things like do you think fluffy Chris Pratt is cuter than buff Chris Pratt (both is nice but I prefer the fluffy one for various reasons).  It was, in fact, the Chris Pratt question that made me wonder why I am not utilizing my twitter more.  I have an account set up for this blog and yet I barely use it. In truth, I forget about it.  There is so much crapola swirling around in my head every day.  And, even though I have a button on my phone I can use, I truly forget it’s there.

I need to do better. I need to remember to ask the universe about their favorite essential oil one in on breath and why the grocery store is now playing Guns N Roses in the next breath.  Incidentally, you’ve never lived until you’ve witnessed a super trashy toothless woman eat her lunch via the samples table at Trader Joes. Yes, this really did happen. No, I didn’t take a picture. I didn’t want to be that rude but I was looking for the hidden ‘Punk’ed’ camera.  Isn’t there a law against people who carry their cigarettes and money in their tube top from shopping at Trader Joes?

Photo Credit: I totally lifted this logo during a google search. No copyright infringement intended. I’m broke. Blood from a turnip and all that so don’t sue me.


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