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Fashion Sense

img_1049I love that meme right there. It’s the perfect representation of my fashion sense. You see, I’m not a real girl. I’m just a damn good copy. I cannot match colors. I cannot accessorize.  My favorite color is black because it matches everything. Yes, I know black is technically not a color. I took high school art, thank you very much. But, you get my drift, it matches everything, therefore, it’s my favorite color and, unlike white, it’s hard to stain. To my defense, I have and continue to try to look cute even though most of the time I fail spectacularly.  I used to go shopping with magazines. Then, I discovered Pinterest and started pinning outfits.  The problem is these adorable outfits are from 5 different stores and one outfit costs over 100 bucks.  Sorry, but I don’t have that kind of budget so I guess I will just head to Walmart or Kohls (remember I can’t go to Target anymore because we broke up) and buy whatever is cheap and matches black.

But, back to that meme, seriously this for real. Have you looked at little kids fashion here lately?  Growing up in the 70s or 80s our parents put us in Garanimals where you matched your color/animal to create an outfit or Tough Skins pants from Sears.  We matched on a very basic level but accessories were nonexistent.  If you were lucky you had a hand me down purse from your mom and a watch or days of the week earrings. That was your accessories. These kids today are dressed better than most adults. When did this shift occur?

Just yesterday my 11 year old daughter and I went shopping for a new dress for her elementary school graduation. I had nothing to do with this exercise other than driving her to various stores and paying for the dress.  Everything I picked out looked horrible on her.  She, of course, had the whole process wired.  My daughter knows how to match.  She has told me more than once “that doesn’t go, try again”. God bless her for trying to help me not look homeless. And, hairstyles? Forget it, this child does my hair every time we go to an amusement park. I cannot braid my own hair. She’s back there doing box braids on me and her and I have no idea how she does it.  For the record, I should state my child doesn’t dress like the tiny fashionista on the left.  Mainly because I’m not willing to spend the money on something she will ruin in five seconds but if I was willing to spend the money, oh yeah, she’d totally look like that kid.  I showed her this meme and she was very judgey about the kids on the right and totally swooned at the shoes on the kid on the left.

I tell ya the older I get the more I dream of hitting the lotto. Instead of five big ole houses and 8 fancy cars, one of my splurges would be someone who could find or make me clothes that fit right, are flattering and perfectly accessorized.  Damn, that’s such a grown-up wish.  Maybe I’ll just rely on my daughter.

Photo credit: Just a meme I lifted off of Facebook. I can’t even remember what page. Probably Purple Clover, which incidentally is awesome check them out.  No copyright infringement intended. Blood/turnip all that jazz. I’m broke and I do this for free. 


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