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Summer Camps

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It’s officially summer at my house. I’m writing this at 9 am and both kids are still sound asleep. The hubs has left for work. I should be outside doing my workout. But, for now, I’m going to finish this post and enjoy the quiet of the house and my coffee.  For the last couple of weeks, all I have heard in eavesdropped conversations and on mommy message boards are parents scrambling for childcare or summer camps. I’m right there with them. I scheduled my kids for a few things but it was camps of their choosing and request – a football camp and a dance camp. They are not all day camps and they aren’t going away to said camp.  Not that there is anything wrong with all day or stay away camps, they’re great but not what our family was looking for or needed.  The thing I am baffled by are the parents who are wringing their hands about brain drain.

Look, I  know kids lose a little of what they learn every summer. It’s why the first few weeks of every school year is a quick refresher of what everyone learned last year. It makes sense. After all, how many of you remember 8th grade math or how to diagram a sentence?  Yeah, unless you’re a teacher you wouldn’t know a dangling participle if it jumped up and bit you on the nose. That’s not a bad thing.  It just is.  But, some of these parents. I just can’t with them.  I overheard a few women at my youngest school talking about all the things they have scheduled this summer for their kids.  One lady might as well have said they are in year around school.  Math camp, English camp, pre-ap prep, cursive writing camp, and that is just the stuff I can remember her saying.  It was all I could do not to jump into that conversation and ask her if the kid had time to breathe and eat.  And, I can’t imagine she’s not exhausted from carting her kid all over creation to do all these camps.

I know it’s not my business and every family has their own way.  Mommy police I am not.  I just can’t help but wonder what this Mom thinks she is going to accomplish with all these camps.  I didn’t get the impressing this was a remedial thing.  In fact, I have a vague knowledge of the kid and know it’s quite the opposite?  Does she think she’s ensuring admission to an ivy league school or a great career? I know it’s hard to get into some places of higher education but geez does she really think all of this is necessary? What happened to playing outside with friends, spending the whole day in the pool or a having lazy day reading books and watching tv? In about 5 minutes, after I proof this post and hit publish, I’m going to turn on the tv, rile up the dog and hopefully get these kids out of bed. They are going to gripe and I’m going to do the mom thing and make them help me mow the grass or maybe we’ll do something fun and crazy like ride our bikes up to the 7-11 and get a slushie for breakfast. We are not going to conjugate verbs, learn Mandarin or train to be the next Olympic athlete. But, hey if that’s your jam have fun; just don’t expect me to do it. It’s summer and time for some fun. Enjoy.


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