Summer Hours

art business closed logoI’m thinking of cutting my posts to once a week instead of twice a week during summer break.  In all honesty, I know some weeks will be lousy with inspiration while others not so much.  Let’s face it playing referee all day gives you zippo but a day drinking problem.  I figure I can at least come up with something interesting/funny/absurd once a week. Additionally, we have a vacation built into summer schedule so I’ll be incommunicado during that time for sure. Although, said vacation will undoubtedly provide loads of inspiration.  Nothing provides quite as much material as throngs of sweaty people in one place. Add in a couple of bikinis on people who clearly need to rethink their fashion choices, a good old fashioned case of dehydration and sun poisoning or maybe a jellyfish sting and the blogs practically write themselves.  At least that’s what I’m hoping for.

Speaking of drama and ridiculousness, I am having computer issues.  Actually, it’s not my computer which I just replaced over Christmas break; it’s my printer.  My printer that is exactly 14 months old that just decided to stop working entirely for no apparent reason. It had a warranty. It was good for one year. I didn’t renew it.  I hate technology.


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