One Year

Holy hell y’all, I’ve been a blogger for a whole year as of today, November 2.  In my highly ADHD world, that’s a freaking miracle. I get bored easily. I stop, start, redirect and lose direction on every project I attempt. I cannot tell you how many diets, workout programs, books, craft projects, etc. I have started, stopped and eventually finish over the years. That is my one good trait in all this – I finish things.  Granted, it may take me a year to finish a half done project but I ALWAYS finish what I start.

I’m actually really glad this milestone came today as I don’t really have an interesting topic for this week.  I’m still desperately trying to stay away from politics. Although, that is getting harder and harder. I had a few really good bits of inspiration strike this past week but I forgot to write them down. So, that means they are as good as gone, never to return again. Again, good ole ADHD strikes again.  For those who think I am making fun of people with ADHD let me assure you I am “eat up with it” as the old saying goes.  I have some rather unhealthy coping mechanisms as well as some rather good ones and a prescription for medicine I never take because I don’t like how I feel when it wears off.  Lists are my friends and I write down or make notes on everything. Because of these lists, people seem to have the impression I am way more organized than I am and are always a little astounded when I drop the ball on something – or maybe it’s just my family that acts astounded when I drop the ball.

Finally, and completely unrelated because hey it’s ADHD on display here today – do you ever wonder if God is up there saying well they sure fucked up this time. I guess I’m gonna have to come down there sooner or later. Maybe it’s just me.  That is as close as I’m getting to politics right now.

P.S. I nearly forgot – Thank you, friends and complete strangers, for coming along with me on this pipe dream crazy ride for the last year. I promise to continue to voice my highly inappropriate opinionated thoughts and say y’all and hopefully, you’ll continue to read this drivel. Seriously, though, thank you.


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