A few weeks ago Oprah brought out her annual list of favorite things. Y ‘all know I love me some Oprah.  I realized when I read it it’s been a while since I talked about my current favorite things.  So, let’s talk and rest assured you can afford these things unlike 90 percent of the stuff on Oprah’s list.

img_2031You can’t have the holidays without indulging and I like to indulge in the bubbly.   I recently found this Apothic Sparkling wine at a grocery store called Sprouts but I’ve also seen it at Kroger. It’s limited edition so go buy it all. Much like Baby Bear’s porridge, it’s just right.  It’s not too dry and it’s not sweet.   A cousin brought this prosecco to Thanksgiving and she and I polished off the bottle in minutes. I felt a little guilty for being so greedy but damn, it was good.

Next, let’s talk about movies and tv as I am a huge fan of img_2024both. I highly recommend The Kids are Alright on ABC and God Friended Me on CBS.  I hope these shows don’t get canceled.  For some reason, both of these shows have cancel me written all over them; probably because they don’t have to do with cops or hospitals. That seems to be all network tv can do – put out cop and hospital shows.  And, the big three wonders why streaming original programming is eating their lunch. (Insert eye roll here.)  I’m also wild about the movies Bohemian Rhapsody and A Star is Born.  If these movies do not win Oscars or Golden Globes it will be a tragedy.

On a side note, today’s entry was a little on the light side.  Yeah, I know.  It’s got about as much substance as a fashion magazine. I don’t know about y’all but I have been chasing my tail all week trying to get caught up from being out of town.  I was riding the struggle bus just to get this little bit written and published. I do have things in the works.  I have a think piece about the pink tax and how people have lost their damn minds with classic shows and movies. I’m sure there will be something nostalgic in there somewhere as I always get ridiculously sappy and nostalgic at the holidays. Oh to be able to time travel and get to see happy memories from Christmas pasts. Hey Charles Dickens, I could do with one of those Ghost of Christmas Past.  Y’all think Amazon could deliver one of those?  I swear they have everything else. Just last night I ordered Neutrogena night cream for me and a leopard print picture frame for my stepmom. Don’t worry she won’t know about the frame. She is the last person in the world without the internet. She wants to keep it that way.








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