Thoughts and Prayers

web3-high-five-vs-praying-hands-emoji-yayayoyo-shutterstockThoughts and Prayers.  It’s a phrase we’ve all said or heard at least once in our life.  Here lately it feels like I’m saying it a lot more.  I think it’s probably a function of my age group seeing as how I’m middle-aged.  In the last month, an aunt has died, a high school classmate lost her father, a college friend had cataract surgery, a cousin is fighting for her life in ICU with a myriad of issues and today we buried a former President of the United States.  In all those instances I have offered up hopes and prayers not only for the person but also for those directly affected.  And, yet, those words ‘thoughts and prayers’ sometimes feel so hollow and empty.

I mean honestly what are those thoughts and prayers actually going to do? I suppose they can offer a modicum of comfort to those in the thick of a situation and to myself. But, in reality, we have to muster up a goodly amount of faith to believe those prayers are actually going to work. We have to believe that those prayers will reach some diety’s ears and that said deity will find favor in our prayer and do the royalty thumbs up or down over the whole business. Having painted such a sacrilegious picture I will say I do believe in the power of prayer. I do have faith that in the diety and the whole thumbs up or thumbs down business.  And, still, it feels hollow.  I think it feels hollow because it’s intangible.

Humans don’t do well with intangible.  It’s a concept that’s hard to process. I know I have issues with it. (Whispers – I have issues with A LOT of stuff.) In trying to process those hard concepts I talk it through in my head and to borrow a line from Steel Magnolias, “Yes, Annelle, I pray.” So, I sit here thinking of my cousin, her family, the Bush family and of people I don’t even know that are struggling, HARD, right now.  This is supposed to be the most joyous time of the year.  We are in the middle of the Christmas and Hanukkah season but there seems to be an overwhelming blanket of sadness on most people. Everyone I know seems to be struggling.  It may be a petty struggle like a broken toilet or a big struggle like an ailing parent or not enough money to cover rent but they are struggling nonetheless.  Well, what are we to do?  I don’t know.  Tell those who are struggling you love them and give tangible help if you can but when all else fails I say thoughts and prayers.  Anyone else got a better idea?

P.S. I know this post was heavy. It was this or all the dumbassery surrounding Rudolph and Baby, it’s cold outside. I just wish somebody would come at with me Rudolph. They will need some thoughts and prayers when I’m done with them.

Photo Credit: Emoji lifted off the interwebs.  I have no idea who it belongs to just goggled praying hand emoji.  No copyright infringement intended. Don’t sue me. Blood/turnip. I do this for free and I’m broke.


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