May Got Me Like

img_0024Y’all, May got me like whoa and I know I’m not the only one. I was doing so good. Keeping up with everything. May the 4th hit.  I was laughing and joking and talking about how Texas is finally going to get out of school before Memorial Day is over and then it hit, Mother’s Day, and it all went down from there.  We had Mother’s Day, my Mother in Law’s birthday, state mandatory testing, finals, awards ceremonies, end of year parent meetings, dance recital dress rehearsal, a full day of dance recitals and a visit from my Mother in Law.  I am done. Fried. Burnt to a crisp. I forgot this weekend is Memorial Day weekend. I mean just plain forgot. This afternoon before I left, my boss had to remind me not to come into work on Monday. It’s been that kind of crazy.

It’s been so crazy that I cracked open the beer pictured above thinking it was a Diet Coke.  It was an honest mistake. I mean I buy the minis for both so they both come in small silver cans.  Or, was it really a mistake? Maybe my brain was secretly trying to tell me ‘slow down girl and do a little early afternoon daytime drinking. ‘  I know I’m not alone in this.  I know many families that are worse off than me.  My cousin has kids graduating from 5th, 8th and 12th grades this year. All I can think of is she must be super woman.

Internet sensations, The Holderness Family, recently did a parody song about May is just as busy as December but with no presents.  They aren’t wrong.  The hell of it is I really thought I had it under control but then it all went sideways. I even had a couple of searing political blog posts almost finished and ready to rock but then things got crazy and I couldn’t finish them and now it’s two weeks after the fact. (Facepalm)

So, what are y’all doing for the holiday, since apparently, this is a holiday weekend? I have zero plans but laundry but I think I see another beer, not a Diet Coke, in my future.


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