Blood and Bad Behavior

blood-732297__340Last Wednesday (9/11), my small town, located in the shadow of a major city, sponsored a blood drive in remembrance of all the first responders who gave their lives during the 9/11 attacks 18 years ago.  It was a great event.  Or, at least it was until a jackass ruined it for me.

While on the cot giving my donation, I overheard part of a conversation that really burned me up.  I heard the man in the cot behind me put on a falsetto voice.  In fact, that was what got my attention. He said, “So she says, I have fibromyalgia. And I said oh no the scourge of the middle class white woman.”  The man followed up with something to the effect of “it wasn’t my finest hour and I probably shouldn’t have said that to the lady” and a few more half ass apologetic remarks. I tried to turn around on my cot to see the speaker’s face and to give him a piece of my mind but couldn’t because of the needle and bag setup.  Then everything got dicey.  My little trying to turn around stunt nearly pulled the needle out of my arm so here comes an attendant to make sure I’m still set up.  Additionally, other Red Cross folks are making a commotion behind me.  Apparently, the loud mouthed guy was finished and they were detaching his bag.  In a matter of seconds, a middle aged, white man with a fresh bandage came from that direction. In a voice that sounded vaguely familiar, he thanked me for coming out to give blood. I should have point blank asked him if he was the loud mouthed speaker but I was seething mad and the Red Cross folks were asking me questions. I would find out later that day the man who thanked me was one of the organizers and a former city council member for our town.

It’s funny, I’m not sure what pissed me off the most – the dig on middle class white women or the fact that he was making light of an unseen medical condition. Being a middle class white male himself, why in the world would he dig on his female counterpart?  Is he a charter member of the He-man woman haters club?  Furthermore, why would anyone, regardless of socioeconomic status or gender, make fun of someone’s unseen medical condition. Just because the condition is unseen doesn’t mean it’s not serious or real.  A lot of the time it seems if it’s not something life threatening like diabetes or heart disease it’s not valid to some people. I just don’t understand this logic.  This type of self righteous, know it all, behavior are just some of the traits that have formed the stereotype of the entitled male.

I’ve thought about sending this clown a Facebook message and flat out calling him out on his behavior but to what end? He might apologize for it. That’s what most people do nowadays when they have been called out for bad behavior.  But, who cares right?  After all, what is an apology without regret, remorse or change?  It’s just empty words.

Now dear reader, I’d love to know how you would handle this situation.  It’s a week since I started writing this post and while I’m still ticked about the whole thing I’m pretty much over it. But, the whole situation has me thinking about stereotypes. I’m sure that will evolve into a post very soon.  Ironically, I had another encounter with a douchey middle aged, white man at Kroger yesterday. I’m starting to think I have a sign on my back that says please be an asshat to me.  Or, maybe, my town is just full of asshats.


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