September Podcast Recs

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This week’s entry will mostly be podcast recs so if you’re not into that I hope to see you again soon.  If you are, please continue. As I’ve done in the past I will be adding links to the podcast’s website so that you can read more and find it where you get your podcasts.

For my True Crime fans, I give you Hell and Gone. It’s set in Arkansas and is narrated, written and researched by a local Arkansas woman.  Her educated but very Southern voice is music to my ears. It is on its second season so there’s plenty to binge on.  I personally liked season one better than two but two is still unfolding so we shall see.

Following the True Crime genre is Hit Man.  This one is absolutely fascinating as it includes a real hit on a person’s life as well as Mowtown legends.  Really interesting stuff.

For my friends who think history is boring, I suggest you try Noble Blood.  It’s a brand new podcast with only 6 episodes but there’s not a dud in the bunch.  Each episode tells the little known story of a historical figure – some you’ve heard of like Marie Antionette and others not so much. These stories range from scandalous to sad and will remind you you’d have to be crazy to want to be a royal.

I’ve also been listening to a podcast called Family Secrets and I’m not sure how I feel about it.  Some episodes are fantastic while others I’ve abandoned a few minutes in. At first, it felt like the author/narrator only knew how to tell stories of privileged, tristate Jewish families. I mean, they do say write what you know.  But, for me, that doesn’t resonate as I’m not privileged, Jewish or tristate area resident. Hell, I’ve never even been to the tristate area. However, she has started to branch out and those have been riveting. I guarantee if you listen you will hear a story that seems oddly familiar to stories you’ve heard within your own families or maybe a close friend.

Finally, I’m very happy to report that Mike Rowe’s The Way I Heard It podcast has returned with new episodes and that Disgracedland will be returning for its 4th season very soon.

In other news, I have been watching the Greta Thunberg bru-ha-ha unfold and I’m up to my eyeballs in kids school and extracurricular crapola. I keep wondering when Mother Nature will come back from her vacation and bring Fall with her. And, I finally found Coffeemate Pumpkin Spike sugar free creamer at the grocery store.  #Notsponsored but I’m open to sponsorship so hit me up, Nestle.

P.S. So, I wrote all this a few days ago but today I heard about a new podcast called Worst Year Ever. I have only listened to the intro but it sounded hilarious and sad all at the same time because it’s about the 2020 election.  Stay tuned to see if I actually rec it.




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