January Podcast Rec

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About a year ago, a forever friend turned me on to podcasts.  She and I have similar tastes in literature so I knew I’d love anything she recommended.  The first thing she told me about was Believed.  It’s super heavy but very good.  You can find a review here.  I’m up to date on my current podcasts and was looking to find something new in the meantime.  Of course, I turned to my trusty pusher, err I mean friend, and she came up with another heavy but good one called The Mysterious Mr. Epstein.

Look, I know what you’re thinking because it was probably the same thing I was thinking. Do I really want to hear about some skirt chasing, Chester the molester rich guy? Eww, no probably not. But, the story is much more than that.  All of us are vaguely familiar with the situation if you read anything remotely close to the news or social media but this is a deep dive.  This podcast talks not only about Epstein’s social climb but also his involvement with heavy hitters like the Clintons, Prince Andrew, Donald Trump, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos to name a few.  The podcast talks about the payouts of law enforcement and lawyers.  In his last days, he kept various attorneys on retainer to keep him company in private meeting rooms so he wouldn’t have to sit in his cell. He was above the rules because he could afford to buy his way out of the rules.

Right after the whole Epstein case broke and he was arrested I mentioned to my hubby that heads were about to roll.  Either Epstein’s little black book would ruin lives and careers or he’d end up dead.  Sure enough, Epstein was found dead a few weeks after he was arrested. I laughed along with others at the ‘Epstein didn’t kill himself’ memes but after listening to this podcast I’m not laughing.  There’s no way in the world a sociopath and narcissist of that magnitude would have offed himself.  That man not only felt but knew he was above the law.  He had cheated punishment too many times.  Someone or someones in high places wanted to make damn sure their lives and careers weren’t ruined so they eliminated the problem.  I doubt we will ever know who was behind it.  We can all make our assumptions but you know the old saying about assuming things.

You can find The Mysterious Mr. Epstein in the usual places you find podcasts. It’s pretty short – only 7 episodes long. If you decide to listen, I’d love to know what you think.


4 thoughts on “January Podcast Rec

  1. Coming from a finance and economics background, one of the most interesting aspects of Epstein to me is that approximately no one – not even the world’s top hedge fund managers, who make it their business to know all aspects of the markets – knows where his immense wealth even came from. If you are running a hedge fund or private equity fund, it’s hard to keep your big trades a secret while you are doing them, and your market plays are definitely known after they pay off. How does someone become a billionaire staying totally in the shadows across a span of DECADES? Really weird.


    • This podcast actually touches on how he made some of his wealth. It doesn’t explain all of it but it hits the high points. He made friends with the right people, was absolutely ruthless and won on a ponzi scheme.


      • Well, that’s what I am saying. His relationship with the Victoria’s Secret guy explains a small part, but no one knows how much because it’s all off-shored. But it can’t explain it all, he was not some major stakeholder in the company. Ditto with the Ponzi scheme. For him to be able to afford the most expensive properties in New York, Paris, Palm Beach, New Mexico, his own (quite large) island in the Caribbean, private jets, the guy would have exhausted that kind of money many years ago. The guy seemingly hasn’t had any clients since Les Wexner. He said his business only serves billionaires, but that’s not exactly a large pool of people. A lot of people have wrote about how they think he made money, but they are all pretty much trying to sell theories about it. They have no idea – it’s not like there’s a trove of published documents on this.


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