History Repeats

“All of this has happened before, and it will all happen again.”
J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

The above Peter Pan quote keeps playing on a loop in my head here lately.  It’s sort of like a mantra to remind myself not to panic or worry because if you listen to anything resembling news or social media there is plenty to panic and worry about right now.  A month ago, it was the impending doom of WWIII, which didn’t come to fruition.  There’s the 2020 Presidential election.  That’s a bit more troubling and very real.  It looks like once again most of us are going to hold our nose and press the button to vote against someone rather than voting for someone.  I’ve been able to vote for President since 1992 and I have never been lit up by a candidate. And, while most of these jokers make it look like it would be the end of the world if they got elected, would it be? We still have two more branches of government to keep the Executive branch in check, right? We’ve seen other Presidents sign executive orders and bills into law that a goodly portion of the population though insane only to have the next President overturn those policies. Or, maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part to think it wouldn’t matter too much.

Now, let’s discuss the Coronavirus. People have absolutely lost their damn minds, at least they have in my town.  I haven’t seen shortages in stores like this since I lived in a hurricane zone. Every store is completely out of some specific products. And, I’m not talking bread and milk here people.  I went to Costco this weekend to pick up a few things we normally buy there and they were out of black beans and Charmin toilet paper not to mention things like Clorox wipes and Lysol.  Next, I went to Walmart to pick up the things Costco didn’t have. Guess what? Walmart’s cold medication and pain relief aisle looked like a war zone. Seriously the only thing left was some seasickness medication and the low dose aspirin. I still have a cough from the nasty flu but not the flu I’ve been nursing for over a month.  Well, I guess I’m shit out of luck for my Robitussin. I know my little town is not the only place dealing with shortages.  I read on Apple News where there isn’t a bit of toilet paper to be had at Seattle area Costco stores. And, would you believe the shelves are FULL and I mean chock full of soap but there isn’t a drop of hand sanitizing gel to be found in my town. Ridiculousness.  Don’t be gross. Wash your hands. Cover your cough and sneeze. If you have a fever, stay at home. There I fixed it. You’re welcome.  The news and social media have done nothing but incite this foolishness.  Everyone needs to calm down. Pretty much everyone has two weeks’ worth of some food in their house.  It may be rice three meals a day for two weeks but there is food in the house. Don’t pander to the panic.

Lastly, nearly 22 years ago, a tornado ripped through the city and suburbs of Nashville, TN, my hometown.  It was horrible.  I personally saw it up close about quarter-mile from the building where I worked.  I spent half the night in the loading docks of the then-new Bridgestone arena. It was surreal and devastating to the area. This past Monday night, another tornado ripped through Nashville, it’s suburbs and kept right on up I-40 to the college town of Cookeville. This tornado pretty much tracked the same path as the one in 1998.  Once again certain areas are devastated.  Many friends and family have been impacted – some directly and some indirectly.  If you are the praying type, please pray for Middle Tennessee.  Also, consider donating to relief efforts for the area.  It happened before and it definitely happened again.

Photo Credit:  Me, at my local Kroger Grocery Store. Not sponsored but I’d be happy to be sponsored, so Kroger hit me up. Don’t y’all love how the name brand wipes are still around but the cheaper store brand wipes are gone. This tells me people care but not enough to waste money on the high dollar stuff.


5 thoughts on “History Repeats

  1. I was wondering if the tornado in Nashville affected your family. I hope everyone is okay.

    We have family in Seattle and they have been talking about the toilet paper shortage up there. They said you have to go to several stores to get toilet paper now. My MIL says her neighbor has a basement of canned goods and stuff.

    That said, I am not seeing it impact tourism or anything here in Florida, and we have two confirmed cases of it a couple hours away from our town. I have been making it a point to get out and spend money at local restaurants and stores here, and I don’t think I am the only one. We went out to dinner in Daytona Beach last night and there was a line out the door on a Tuesday night when we left. And there were still parties and makeshift bars set up on the beach. Folks are not going to let the hysteria ruin an 84-degree day at the beach, evidently.

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    • My 81 year old step mother informed me if Florida goes under a quarantine she’s going to ignore it. I informed her the police might have something to say about that and anyway Publix won’t be open for her to just go and roam the aisles like a bored teenager. She acted downright petulant. We plan to go see her for spring break unless there is a quarantine.

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      • I can’t see it spreading aggressively here. We have a couple cooler days this weekend, but it’s already getting hot here. It was almost 90 degrees today. Unless the conspiracy theorists are correct and it’s actually some bio-engineered super virus, I think this thing is close to having run its course.

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  2. Okay, so I just returned from the grocery store. People have bought up most of the toilet paper, bleach, disinfecting wipes, and household cleaners here. The clerk said that they don’t even have that stuff in the warehouse anymore either, so it won’t be restocked for at least a month.

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