Well Duck

img_1186How is everyone doing? Emotionally, financially, etc.? My friends and I have been doing check ins every few days just to make sure no one has gone off the deep end.  I, myself, am doing fine. Like one of my friends said, I’ve been training for this crap my entire life. My day isn’t much different from the summers of my childhood stuck at home while the parents went to work or when my kids were small and I was a stay at home mom.  I’m trapped at home (probably grounded) with limited supplies and a mountain of laundry and dishes. I have to be creative if I want to stay off the tv.  Yep, it’s just summer in 1988. But, that’s not what I wanted to talk about. I wanted to talk about the ducks that have taken up residence in my back yard.  I have named them Phyllis and George.


Phyllis and George have been coming around since the first real week of our shut in – let’s say around Wednesday, March 18.  This is not the first time we’ve had ducks in our back yard. This has happened every Spring since we moved here three years ago. Usually, the ducks show up a couple of times and leave but not this year. Phyllis and George really like it here.  It is like their vacation destination.  Apparently, the weeds in my flower beds are primo eats and they love to swim in our pool that is in desperate need of a re-do.

Their routine goes like this. George will show up early (like 7) to swim then he starts quacking. We think he’s calling for Phyllis.  Then a little while later Phyllis shows up.  They eat, swim, bathe (like flick water on their backs and groom themselves) then take a nap.  If it’s rainy they stick around pretty much all day but on sunny days they are usually gone by noon.  Sometimes we see them in the evening repeating their eat, swim, bathe, nap routine; sometimes there is no night visit. The latest we’ve seen them is right before sunset.  They have absolutely no fear of us. We have stayed at least 10 feet away but they just look at us like we are just very large strange looking ducks. They aren’t even afraid of our dog as long as he’s on a leash. These ducks are almost as tame as the Disney ducks that hang around the Magic Kingdom in Florida.

Phyllis and George’s routine have been pretty solid until yesterday. Yesterday, George was not in our pool or our grass but up on our roof. You read that right, the roof.  Today, Phyllis arrived alone for breakfast and a swim when not one but two drakes showed up.  Apparently, Phyllis has two guys following her around. Since we can’t tell the drakes apart we’ve decided the second drake’s name is Fred after Fred and George Weasley. – And, as if all this wasn’t enough, I was weeding my front flower beds this morning and noticed the mulch was all messed up in one spot. As I started toward the area, Phyllis came out from behind a bush and took off.  Then I noticed her nest nearby.  Our yard is like a mullet – business in the front with a party in the back.  There hasn’t been any more duck activity since that little incident this morning so I’m a little bit worried I freaked her out and she won’t go back to her nest.  I hope not. That would make me extremely sad.  Hopefully, we will see her and one of the guys tomorrow. I will keep everyone posted.

I think I will start posting a daily picture of George/Fred and Phyllis on my Trying to Have it Y’all Facebook page. Until next time, I hope everyone reading this is healthy, not too bored and making the best of this sucky situation.


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