No Duck

img_1207If you read last week’s blog you’ll know our yard has a couple of new residents – George and Phyllis, Phyllis’s eggs and Fred. Much like this virus quarantine, Mother Nature/the Universe/Life has thrown those ducks a real curveball.

I have not seen Phyllis since sometime last week. Nor have I visited her nest since last week, until today. Apparently, an animal has gotten to the nest. One egg is completely gone. It appears one egg is open either hatching or attack and the final one had egg remnants in it. Fred and George continue to visit our pool for a swim and to quack. I can only assume they are quacking for Phyllis or some other friends but no one else shows up. They usually fly off within 15 minutes of landing.  There are no more all day eat, swim, nap sessions.  I am so disappointed by the egg situation. It was so exciting to think we might see little ducklings either hanging around our yard or in our pool.  Yeah, their poop everywhere is not ideal but it’s also a cool window to nature

It feels like this whole egg thing is a look at life right now metaphorically speaking.  The unknown has completely upended life. We don’t know much about this unknown and yet it is a threat. We don’t know when things will get back to normal or what normal will look like.  And, much like Fred and George, all we can do is sit there and quack (talk) hoping something will happen to make life normal again.


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