So Much Information

imagesI keep hearing these folks talk about reading books and learning a new skill during this quarantine and all I can think of is who has the time for that. I don’t know about you but I’m drowning in information. I’m reading about how this is a thinly veiled attempt to screw up the election in November or a way to take away American’s rights in the name of the greater good.  I’ve read about the President and governors clashing over states’ rights, which feels an awful lot like the arguments states made for slavery right before the Civil War.  I’ve read about Dr. Fauci and Dr. Shiva and how both think we should be fighting this virus. I’ve read about how we need to take this opportunity to figure out what’s important to us and when the world gets back to normal we all need to work like hell to make it happen. I’ve read other things that say the political and media machine is going to do their best to get us to forget how broken everything is and try to get us back into our normal patterns of spending to get our economy back on track. And, this is just a small slice of what I’ve been reading and hearing.

There is so much information out there – some of which builds on another while others not so much. It’s hard to know what to believe or what to take to heart – to separate what has merit and what is just pissing in the wind. If you’re anything like me you vacillate between wondering if this is the apocalypse or a giant world event, sort of like World War II. You know, I always thought the thing that would bring us together and at the same time rip us apart would be a war, not a virus. For many years I thought there would another be an all about civil war of sorts here in America but never for one moment did I think a virus might kick it off.  Illegal immigration, inequality, race relations, politics – those are the things I thought would start a war from within.

All I know is most days I wake up with a nagging worry that things won’t ever go back to “normal”.

On a completely unrelated and happier note, Phyllis and George are back. I think she’s looking to nest again, that is if ducks nest more than once a season. If not, then they are just having a jolly old time in my backyard eating, pooping and screwing.


3 thoughts on “So Much Information

  1. The possibility of significant civil unrest with this event if it continues to drag on seems very real to me. Not because I am personally thinking about storming any government buildings, but because I am watching economic statistics drift closer and closer to Great Depression levels. Many people won’t endure that without a fight. Worse than that, people feel disenfranchised. Like other people are deciding to blow up their livelihoods and chances at happiness, and what they think about it is irrelevant to the decision-making process. You are right, that is precisely the stuff wars are made of.

    But at the very least, we are probably watching the migration pattern that was occurring before the coronavirus accelerating at breakneck speed. There is an article in today’s WSJ about how families are aggressively trying to leave NYC. Friends of mine in CA have to decided to leave at their first opportunity. And the more our nation chooses to sort itself ideologically and lifestyle-wise, the more extreme discourse is going to become, not unlike the issue of slavery. Managing the federal government is already like getting a divorced couple to share a bank account.

    Mallards can have more than one brood a year, I think. Obviously yours think they can 🙂

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