Brain Dump

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic hit I have vacillated between so much rolling around in my head I can’t settle on anything and not enough complete thoughts to bind together something coherent.  Today is no exception but for a different reason.

I’m sad. I’m angry.  I feel despair. I feel helpless. I’m scared about health issues. I’m concerned about the world my kids continue to grow up in. I’m concerned about our immediate future and the years down the road future.  The one thought that keeps coming back to me is these cries for equality started going down over 50 years ago in the 1960s, why isn’t this shit fixed yet.  And, don’t even get me started on the various pundits and politicians.  Don’t give me your pretty words.  If you really cared you would have done something about it already or when you were in office. Stop worrying about your position or if you will be reelected or if you are snitching on a fellow officer and do the right thing.  Why is it so damn hard for some to just treat others as you would treat yourself or your own loved one.


3 thoughts on “Brain Dump

  1. The common denominator of ALL of our problems is that no sane person wants to work in government in this environment. If you are a positive force for change in any institution, if you are not a kiss-ass for either side, you are smeared and run out of town. And it doesn’t matter if you work in federal, state, or local government. You run for the local school district and someone’s going to find the crude joke you made in 2007 and try to destroy you over it. You try to change anything and you are going to be under siege until you leave by the people who have something financial at stake in government operations.

    In fact, some of the loudest politicians when it comes to talking about social justice are the worst, most corrupt people behind closed doors. They know how to work a camera and that’s about it. You know how many black men Biden has put in prison over weed? And he’s going to be center stage at this guy’s funeral.

    You have to have weapons-grade DGAF to be president, unless you are just going to sell the office to the highest bidder. A literal choir boy was nominated to the Supreme Court and he was smeared as running a “rape train” by the media. If you have any useful skills whatsoever, you can make 3 to 5 times as much money in the private sector with no drama and no one trying to ruin your or your kids’ lives over something that mattered for 15 minutes on Twitter.

    If you are good at math, why teach high school? You can go work at an engineering firm or in tech for six digits, why put up with CDC “put everyone in a bubble” regulations and school shooters and identity politics?

    Who is their right mind wants to be a cop right now? You want to get paid 50k a year to put your life on the line and a looter might put a brick through your skull or mow you over as you write a ticket? Yeah, with that kind of arrangement, you are going to have some dudes who are so lit on testosterone that they should not be allowed anywhere near a gun. As they say, you get what you pay for.

    The drama-loving masses created this environment and that’s why the drama-loving masses are not capable of changing it. We’ve got murderous assholes in government because that’s what happens when you turn public service into an occupation only sociopaths want to participate in. And if folks want to persist in attacking and smearing strangers trying to make things better broadly, it’s only going to get more insane.

    Right now, the BLM movement is promoting defunding police and they have politicians on the left backing them now. Because the best way to improve government is to make it somehow even more miserable to participate in. The only real way to opt out of the madness is to choose not to live in an urban area. These folks are going to burn every social institution to the ground and take more than one generation with them.

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