Crying Jag

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I cried today.  That’s nothing new. Every since this pandemic/quarantine started I cry about something every few days. I never know what will set me off.  Sometimes its the lack of something, sometimes it’s the feeling of being trapped, others its the feeling that nothing will ever feel normal or an injustice of some sort. Sometimes it’s sheer frustration over everything, all the million little things combined together that I can’t pick just one.  All I know is that I’m so done I can’t take another piece of bad or frustrating news no matter how big or small.

My latest crying jag comes compliments of a podcast by writer Sean Dietrich.  I was listening to his June 5th (yes I know a month late) entry entitled Essays from a Turbulent World.  The first story he tells just got to me. There I stood washing produce I’d just picked up at the store when big ole fat tears started rolling down my face. This guy is the writer I wish I was. He summed up all that I had been feeling in one little essay.

Here’s a link to the episode I spoke of but I invite you to download it on your platform of choice.

Deitrich is on Facebook. He posts a daily essay there that has become my little ritual. Before I begin my day, I sit there on my couch with my coffee and read his essay before I look at my news app.  About a month ago, I discovered he did a podcast reading his essays among other things. He sounds like a Southern Garrison Keilor. His voice is both gruff and soothing and to me embodies a Southern gentleman.  He often speaks of music, fishing, his dogs, good food, manual labor, love, and family.  He pokes fun at things like Southern Baptists and how hell hath no fury like a woman who didn’t get her Tupperware back from a funeral wake.  In other words, he talks about all the things that make the world go round.  He’s worth a look or a listen.

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3 thoughts on “Crying Jag

  1. I don’t even know you and I was starting to worry when your regular blog entry was late 🙂

    Thank you sincerely for the podcast recommendation. I have been re-reading Walker Percy’s essays lately (Signposts in a Strange Land) just to hear a distinctly Southern voice in my head in the middle of all this madness. I have to say, that is the biggest downside about moving to Florida – you still have a lot of the manners of the Deep South, but it is constantly being interrupted by outbursts and tantrums from Yankee tourists and snowbirds, to the point that you sometimes feel like you are on a different planet. I’ve almost stopped going to the grocery store entirely during this episode, because I feel like if I hear another road rage-y car horn in the parking lot, or see another paranoid person pitch a fit about standing in line with the rest of humanity, I might just say something to someone that will make me go viral on the interwebs. It definitely resonates with the sensation of having lost something or being in mourning.

    My only antidote to that kind of depression is to try to elevate the ordinary with beautiful things. Put on an opera and try to sing along. Set the table with grandma’s china and silver and eat dinner by candlelight just because. Sit out in the garden and try to sketch a flower. Find a book to read aloud as a family. A psychological secession, if you will.

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  2. Dana says:

    Hi there! I came upon your blog post by searching “I never know what will set me off on a crying jag” and found your post preview stated that almost word for word so I had to give it a read. It helps to know we’re not alone in what we’re feeling. Especially when it’s something that is so out of character for us. I had a crying jag last night and one again this morning. I have a suspicion that I may be dealing with depression and with the way the world is at the moment (and my father’s alzheimer’s worsening causing him to move in with my husband and I), who wouldn’t be? Self-care is SO important right now and I love your ritual of checking out Sean Detrich’s essays every morning with your coffee. Thanks for the recommendation. I’m going to check him out. I’m trying to get back into reading again as well. It always had a soothing affect on me. I just didn’t have the desire for it recently — again, maybe due to some mild depression. Hang in there. These uncertain times have us all on edge and out of sorts. *hugs*

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