Keeping My Head Down

A funny thing has happened this week. No, not this shit show of an election. It seems almost everyone I know, myself included, has gone radio silent. The only things showing up on my social media feeds are friends selling essential oils and norwex cloths, Disney news and early black friday deals. My text messages are similar – kids requesting an after school pick up and the pharmacy telling me a prescription is ready.

I’m just as much to blame as everyone else. I have nothing to say. I was worried about the days leading up to the election. Certain parts of Texas are having Covid surges. I feared they would close in person voting. That wasn’t the case. Then I was worried about riots and looting after the election (no matter who won). And, now, this fresh load of crap we are dealing with. I mean who could have predicted all of this. Incredible.

All I can do is keep my head down. I get up, go to my job and avoid the news like the plague and don’t talk politics with anyone. I suppose I could pray. But, honestly, that’s about it. I hate to wish away time but damn if I don’t wish this dumpster fire of a year would be over already. Elon Musk needs to work on time travel or Jesus needs to hurry up and return.

P.S. My bright spots here lately is a new podcast I’ve been listening to called Unobscured and the return of This is Us. Oh yeah, and the podcast, this season is about Jack the Ripper. How is that for cheery?


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