The Curse of the Snow


For years our family was cursed. Cursed. What a joke, am I right? It does seem rather ridiculous especially if you aren’t particularly superstitious. I guess because I am superstitious it always really seemed like we were cursed. You see every year since the hubs and I married in 1997 if it snowed we would move within the next calendar year. The first year we were married it snowed. I want to say it was January 1998. By July, we moved away from our hometown and we’ve been moving ever since.

This snow phenomenon wouldn’t be a big deal if we lived say in New York. But, we live in the south. We’ve always lived in the South. And, these snows aren’t your run of the mill winter storms but 20 year snow events. When we lived in Wilmington, NC, the first place we moved to, it hadn’t snowed for 20 years. After we had lived in Wilmington for 18 months they had a freak Noreaster and it dumped something like 6-8 inches of snow on a beach town. The same thing happened in Columbia, SC, Baton Rouge, LA, and now two different towns in Texas.

The year we moved from our old town to our new town it snowed in the new town and we had ice in our old town. One could argue that the curse was broken then but in my opinion not really. Especially since my hubs was already living in the new place and we received frozen precipitation in both cities despite them being several hours apart.

No, I believe the curse was lifted last year. It was a year ago to the day it snowed in our current town. It was a freak storm. We weren’t even supposed to get anything. It rarely snows in our portion of Texas. Yet out of nowhere, the most beautiful fat wet flakes began falling to the ground. The fact that it accumulated was even more amazing. My kids can’t even remember the last time it snowed this much. They made a snowman. The whole family cobbled together coats and waterproof hunting gear to play in it. We had a snowball fight and laughed at the neighbors looking at us like idiots. We had plans for that day and we canceled them to play in the snow. It was marvelous.

But, it’s been a year and we have not moved. There hasn’t even been the hint of a move. No call from a boss. No whispers of a promotion in another town. No rumors of a business being bought out and a division getting sold. Nothing. Thanks to Covid my husband has been at home more this year than he ever has. In years past he traveled so much, he was club level on the airlines and a couple of hotel chains but not this year. So to that end, yes the curse has been lifted. Will we get snow again this year and possibly move next year? I don’t know. Maybe. Honestly at this juncture between what 2020 and 2021 have thrown us I wouldn’t be surprised if flying monkeys fell from the sky. Wait, did y’all hear that loud boom too?!


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