Snowed In


Last week, Texas had the mother of all snow and ice storms. We are talking record cold and unprecedented amounts of precipitation for an extended period of time. It was just nuts. It was dangerous and beautiful all at the same time. We did amazingly well. We had no burst pipes, no extended time without power, no food shortages, and no loss in water or gas services. We were incredibly lucky. I say luck because it was just that. I had friends a few blocks from my house that had a totally different experience because they happened to be on a different power grid or their house was slightly newer and the pipes in the attic weren’t as insulated as some of the older homes. The one issue we did have was no internet service. It was so bad my husband couldn’t even use a cell phone to run a hot spot so he could work from home. Text messages barely worked and even talking was a challenge. It was practically 1982 up in here.

The lack of connectivity was the main reason I didn’t post anything last week but not the only one. Here lately, I find it’s getting harder and harder to come up with a topic that doesn’t make me sound like a whining bitch or wouldn’t land me in trouble with some of my more cancel culture-ish friends. What is it that we were told as small children? If you can’t say something nice; don’t say anything at all? Well, I don’t have much to say that’s nice. I have some issues with a few things and cancel culture is large and in charge. It used to be when you disagreed with someone you either got over or you didn’t but you didn’t make a big production about it. For example, ever since Tom Cruise jumped on Oprah’s couch all those years ago professing his love for Katie Holmes, I decided he was crazy and I would no longer give my money to any of Tom Cruise’s endeavors. Did I jump on anyone’s couch to alert anyone to my boycott of Tom Cruise? No, I did not. Have I gone to see him in any movie since that fateful day? No, I have not. Does Tom Cruise miss my measly little $10 from my movie ticket? Not in the slightest. Do I feel better that I’m not lining his crazy, cultish freak show self? You betcha. That my friends is how canceling used to work. You did your thing and you kept it to yourself or maybe you told a few friends or your significant other. You didn’t pull a Tom and jump on the couch and act like a fool.

Because I can no longer say anything nice, I think I’m going to take a hiatus. I’m very much thinking of canceling this blog. Maybe my hiatus will inspire me or maybe it will just show me that this phase has passed and it’s time to move along. In the meantime, check out this picture of the creek by my house all frozen and beautiful. Mother Nature is a bitch but she sure is pretty. 


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