The End

Hey, y’all! Yeah, it’s been a while. During the snow a few months back, I said I was going to take a hiatus. Well, I did and I’m not going to lie it’s been nice. I don’t miss writing. I haven’t lost my muse or opinions. I just don’t care to share. The world is just too polarized. The tensions too high. And, I know my opinion will not change anyone else’s. To change opinions, one must be directly touched by a situation. I’m not going to touch anyone like that – plus touching people is frowned upon nowadays. (Yes, that was a very bad joke you are allowed to laugh at unless you lack a sense of humor.)

So, that’s it. I’m done. Carry on, folks. Take care of yourselves and the ones you love. Fight for the things you believe in. And, for the love of all that’s holy, try to be nice to each other. It costs so little and it may be the only good thing someone experiences all day.


2 thoughts on “The End

  1. Melissa says:

    Well, shit. I wasn’t reading it for world problem solving. I read it because it’s fun. It’s 5 minutes to commiserate or think about things differently. Or maybe even think about something I’ve never even thought about at all. And then I was reading it because I miss you in person. But that’s the way the ball bounces. Maybe you’ll post some musings on your social media so we can keep up the laughs. Thanks for sharing! Congratulations on figuring out you don’t miss it.

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