The Curse of the Snow


For years our family was cursed. Cursed. What a joke, am I right? It does seem rather ridiculous especially if you aren’t particularly superstitious. I guess because I am superstitious it always really seemed like we were cursed. You see every year since the hubs and I married in 1997 if it snowed we would move within the next calendar year. The first year we were married it snowed. I want to say it was January 1998. By July, we moved away from our hometown and we’ve been moving ever since.

This snow phenomenon wouldn’t be a big deal if we lived say in New York. But, we live in the south. We’ve always lived in the South. And, these snows aren’t your run of the mill winter storms but 20 year snow events. When we lived in Wilmington, NC, the first place we moved to, it hadn’t snowed for 20 years. After we had lived in Wilmington for 18 months they had a freak Noreaster and it dumped something like 6-8 inches of snow on a beach town. The same thing happened in Columbia, SC, Baton Rouge, LA, and now two different towns in Texas.

The year we moved from our old town to our new town it snowed in the new town and we had ice in our old town. One could argue that the curse was broken then but in my opinion not really. Especially since my hubs was already living in the new place and we received frozen precipitation in both cities despite them being several hours apart.

No, I believe the curse was lifted last year. It was a year ago to the day it snowed in our current town. It was a freak storm. We weren’t even supposed to get anything. It rarely snows in our portion of Texas. Yet out of nowhere, the most beautiful fat wet flakes began falling to the ground. The fact that it accumulated was even more amazing. My kids can’t even remember the last time it snowed this much. They made a snowman. The whole family cobbled together coats and waterproof hunting gear to play in it. We had a snowball fight and laughed at the neighbors looking at us like idiots. We had plans for that day and we canceled them to play in the snow. It was marvelous.

But, it’s been a year and we have not moved. There hasn’t even been the hint of a move. No call from a boss. No whispers of a promotion in another town. No rumors of a business being bought out and a division getting sold. Nothing. Thanks to Covid my husband has been at home more this year than he ever has. In years past he traveled so much, he was club level on the airlines and a couple of hotel chains but not this year. So to that end, yes the curse has been lifted. Will we get snow again this year and possibly move next year? I don’t know. Maybe. Honestly at this juncture between what 2020 and 2021 have thrown us I wouldn’t be surprised if flying monkeys fell from the sky. Wait, did y’all hear that loud boom too?!



person pouring champagne on champagne flutes

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Man, do I miss Dick Clark’s Rocking Eve and the giant ball in Times Square. I’ve never been much for New Year’s Eve celebrations. My parents never did anything on New Year’s Eve. Watching Dick Clark drop that ball was my only celebration. I always said one year I’d go to Times Square and experience it for myself but it still hasn’t happened.

As a young adult, I was too broke to do much of anything, and then when I had the money I was usually driving back to whatever state I happened to be living in at the time. While local roads are filled with drunks most interstates are empty on New Year’s Eve.

One of the few times I did get all dressed up and hit the town was Y2K. Most of my friends and family thought we were nuts for hitting the town. I mean after all the whole world was going to fall apart at the stroke of midnight. I still can’t believe so many bought into that load of nonsense. I spent it in the place of birth, Nashville, TN, on 2nd Avenue at a bar called Graham Central Station. It was this multi-level monstrosity where you could hear techno on one floor and country on another and still something else on another. I remember racing up to the rooftop bar at midnight hoping to see the world burn or maybe fireworks and absolutely nothing happened. Zippo. I guess the powers that be were terrified all hell was going to break loose so they didn’t do any fireworks. We were all so disappointed.

A week ago tomorrow the building that housed Graham Central Station (although it’s something else now) along with most of that block was destroyed by a different explosion. It breaks my heart to look at those pictures. I spent many evenings in downtown Nashville when I was in my late teens to early 20s. I spent my 16th birthday on 2nd Avenue at the Old Spaghetti Factory with my two best friends. I worked on nearby 4th Avenue. I partied after work and parked my car every weekday in the now heavily damaged AT&T building. I saw concerts at the “new” arena. Some of the few good memories I have of that town include downtown and the 2nd avenue area. Even though I view that city as an abusive ex-boyfriend that won’t stop calling.  I cannot wrap my head around people who want to cause destruction.  Obviously, those folks are deranged and not of sound mind. Still, I cannot wrap any portion of my brain around their thought process – maybe that’s a good thing.


Date Night

It’s about time for my annual date with George Bailey – aka watching It’s A Wonderful Life. For the record, I prefer the black and white version, not the colorized abomination.  Although, my Blu-ray contains both. I wrote about this annual date and why it’s so important in 2017 shortly after I started this blog. If you missed it, you can find it here.

Imagine my delight and surprise when one of my favorite writers/bloggers/podcasters, Mike Rowe, wrote about George Bailey this past week. Mike Rowe tells a fantastic story and the way he wove the despair so many people feel around this time of the year in with the problems plaguing so many right now was nothing short of fantastic. I beg you to read his short essay at this link then go watch It’s A Wonderful Life.

And to anyone reading this, you are special to someone and you aren’t alone.

Photo Credit: I took a picture of my Blu-ray package.  The image probably belongs to someone.  No copyright infringement intended. I’m broke and make no money off this blog. Blood/turnip and all that jazz. Enjoy.

P.S. – Not sure when I am posting again. Maybe next week before the new year, maybe not.  I’m off work and my family is home. My desk sits in the corner of my living room and don’t get an ounce of peace and quiet when these fools are here. Of course, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m also trying to figure out how to get out of the house. It might be daily walks or I may pack up the kids and tell them we are going on an adventure and end up taking our picture standing on the corner in Winslow, Arizona just for a photo op.  There’s just no telling when it comes to me.  In any case, Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and a prayer that when 2020 turns into 21 it doesn’t realize it’s now of legal drinking age and decides to really get crazy.



img_2118This week I saw my four billionth version of the Christmas story. Even though the acting was beyond sub-par (five year old kids), it was still entertaining. Joseph looked bored. Mary looked shell shocked and the Wise Men stole the show by knowing all the words to the second stanza of We Wish You a Merry Christmas, which they heartily started singing at the end of the performance – totally impromptu I might add.

Speaking of Mary looking shell shocked, I never gave much thought to Mary during this time of year until I had kids. But, isn’t that always the case. It’s usually all about the baby.  As for Mary, well as we say in the South, bless her heart. I can’t even imagine her situation. There she is a young woman, likely a teenager, minding her own business when a celestial being comes out of nowhere and informs her she’s going to have God’s baby.  It didn’t matter she was betrothed to be married, the fact that she was pregnant and unwed in that time was grounds for stoning or at minimum being excommunicated from your family and/or community.  To add insult to injury, when she’s huge and tired and cranky she had to ride to nowhere to register for some stupid government census.  As if this weren’t the worst road trip in the history of mankind, they couldn’t find a decent place to stay just as her water breaks and she goes into labor. Can you imagine her fear?  She’s in a strange town without the aid of her mom, sisters, aunts, ladies from her village, or a midwife and she’s about to have her first baby. She literally has nothing but herself, the guy she’s betrothed to, and a bunch of farm animals in a barn. I had a state of the art hospital and my husband was there and I was still pretty scared. I cannot wrap my head around how hard that must have been for her. And yet, she persevered, overcame, and did what she had to do. The fact that we know nothing more than what we do is a testament to the fact this story was written by a man. If we had Mary’s version, I’m sure we’d have a lot more detail. I haven’t met one woman who didn’t remember her kid’s birth story with extreme clarity.

Now that I have kids, I always think about Mary. I can’t help it. I think about her struggle. I wonder what would have happened if Mary had told that angel to go pound sand and leave her alone – to find another host mother. I wonder how she was so sure. I had a run of the mill pregnancy story and I wasn’t sure when I found out I was pregnant. It’s scary even if you are expecting it.

I’ll tell you one thing I am pretty sure of. If a little drummer boy showed up while the baby Jesus was sleeping she would have told him to stop that crazy drumming. And, if those wise men were really wise they would have shown up with a casserole and some diapers along with that gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Photo: This is part of my nativity scene at my house. I have wanted one of these injection mold sets since I was a small child. Over the years I’ve collected the whole thing. My husband built me this manger a few years ago. I love it.


Covid Disney

Author’s Note: This was what I had planned to post last week but just didn’t have time. I am well aware this is controversial. I have already caught hell over this topic from family. I stand by our decision. Now on with the show.

Last year, after much scrimping and saving, I planned a trip to Disney World. It was planned, then booked, then thanks to Covid 19 was canceled and rebooked a few other times. We were finally able to rebook and go on said Disney World trip during Thanksgiving week. A lot of people questioned this decision. My family and I questioned this decision but ultimately decided to roll the dice and go. I know a lot of different states and cities have a lot of different rules right now. And, the ability to make the same decision to go would be different for every person reading this. However, this was without a doubt the best trip we’ve ever had to Disney World (and we’ve had a few). I’m about to give y’all an honest look at how we did it, what we liked and what I would or wouldn’t do differently.

Transportation: We drove instead of flying. I have heard from many that flights are incredibly safe right now with the added cleaning protocols and social distancing. However, with reduced flights and travel rules seemingly changing every few days, we did not want to purchase four plane tickets to have the flight get canceled or restricted due to travel rules. The drive was grueling. Don’t let anyone tell you that no one traveled this Thanksgiving. The roads were jammed. Every city, small and large, had ridiculous traffic. We wanted to use the vacant roads as practice for our oldest who still has his learner’s permit. The kid barely drove because the roads were so jammed. The drive was supposed to take at least 16 hours took more like 20 thanks to potty stops and an overnight at a Holiday Inn Express. It took us three hours to leave our city the Friday before Thanksgiving.

Food on the road: We went super old school and packed lunches and snacks. After observing a worker wearing a mask like a chin diaper months ago at a fast food place, we’ve sworn off eating at those kinds of places. We brought food from home and just ate out of our cooler.

Lodging: On the way to Disney World, we stayed at a Holiday Inn Express in Louisiana. It was extremely clean – like I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Holiday Inn Express be so clean. Although the room was musty (smelled of mold) it was super clean. We all felt very safe and they had a grab and go pre-packaged breakfast.

Gas Stops/Potty Breaks: These were the places I felt the most unsafe and where we saw the most no mask wearing of the whole trip. We kept these to a minimum but sometimes you just have to stop. The no mask wearing was almost universal at gas stations and welcome centers/rest stops a like. I would say the percentage was about 50/50. Many people wore the masks but most did not.

Disney Hotel: The Disney World hotel was phenomenal. If you have stayed at a Disney World hotel since around 2014, you are familiar with Magic Bands. They act as your hotel key, your park ticket, on property credit supply, and before Covid, your Fast Passes. The day of our arrival, around check in time (3 p.m.), I received an email stating our room was ready. When we got to the property (almost midnight) we went directly to our room and used our Magic Band to enter. We didn’t have to go to the front desk. It was ridiculously easy. The hotel room was exceptionally clean. Mousekeeping (Disney’s version of housekeeping) only came a few times during our stay and that was to empty the wastebaskets and replenish our towels.
We asked for more coffee a couple of times and they brought it directly to our room and hung it on our doorknob. We interacted with almost no one.

Masks: Currently, at Disney World, masks are required at all times for ages 2 and up except when actively eating and drinking, in a pool, or in your own hotel room. If you are outdoors, walking in the parking lot, you are required to have on a mask. If you are in the parks or on the on-site transportation like a monorail or bus you are required to wear a mask. People were exceptionally good about wearing a mask. If a person wasn’t wearing a mask a cast member seemingly came out of nowhere to remind that person to wear their mask properly. It was nothing short of amazing.

On Site Transportation: Since we drove, we also drove ourselves to the parks on occasion – especially when we wanted to be there for rope drop and we knew on site transportation would be crowded. However, we did utilize the ferry boat at the Magic Kingdom, the buses, and the new Skyliner gondola. They were all clean. Spacing was amazing. We were never within six feet of anyone and it was not crowded. There were partitions and spacing in bigger vehicles like the bus and ferry boat. We were the only family in our gondola.

Parks: I felt safer at the Disney World parks than I do at my local grocery store. To enter the park, we had our temperatures scanned. Our bags were x-rayed for contraband. We used touchless Magic Bands for entry (no fingerprints). Everyone was required to wear a mask. Hand sanitizing stations were everywhere. Handwashing stations were plentiful. Lines were spaced out six feet apart and in many cases partitioned. In busy walkways, most everyone was respectful. The only time things went sideways was in lines. We noticed some big groups did not heed the six foot rule. They encroached on our space in line but usually giving them the stink made them back off. Occasionally, we asked if they would like to go ahead of us just to keep them off our tail. Workers wore both masks and shields. This made it hard to understand them sometimes but not always. It just depended on the speaker. Crowds were kept to 35% capacity. I realize, this is still a lot of people but since we were so spread out, it never felt truly crowded. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a Disney park when it was that empty. Wait times were wonderful and were never as long as posted. The longest we waited for anything was for the Frozen ride in Epcot. It was posted at 110 minutes. We waited for 70. Lines seldom stopped moving and many rides were just walk on. Because there is no park hopping or fast passes, we were forced to slow down and take the day as it came but we never missed out on anything. We didn’t even miss the fast passes.

Food on Property: It was strongly suggested that one use mobile order if not at a sit down restaurant. This was seamless. You picked items on an app. You received a notification and you picked it up at a window surrounded by plexiglass. We chose to eat all of these meals outside. Tables were spaced and it was very safe and not crowded. We did eat one sit down meal a day inside a building. We waited outside to be sat at our table inside – again at least six feet from any other party. The tables were very spaced out. The menus were on the app. We never touched anything but our food and utensils. And, again all cast members wore both a shield and a mask.

Shopping: Stores were limited in capacity. There was a distanced line to get in. Honestly, we waited longer to get into some stores than we waited for some rides. Every store had signs asking for limited touching and most prices were clearly marked.

The Trip Home: Much like the trip to Florida, the trip home included packed roads, a makeshift lunch of items pre-purchased from a grocery store, and a stay at a Holiday Inn Express with minimal stops for gas and potty breaks.

The Takeaway: This was the most laid back, relaxing trip to Disney World we’ve ever had. We weren’t rushed going from park to park and ride to ride. We took our time and rode everything, saw everything, and did everything we wanted except for one ride, which was broken. I would turn around and battle that 20 hour trip in the car right now to return. The only place I feel safer is at home. There is no doubt we are more exposed at work, school, and the grocery than we are at Disney World Resort. There are many out there that think we should not have traveled and that we shouldn’t have exposed ourselves. That is fine. They can think that way and live their lives the way they choose. I know my day to day exposure level and I am confident in my choice.


Life Update and a Milestone

A few years ago a dear friend from West Texas told me, “I’m busier than the best whore in the whore house on two for one night.” At the time, I just thought it was hilarious and not much else. These last few weeks I understand what that is like to the nth degree.

The week before Thanksgiving was spent gearing up to go out of town and Thanksgiving celebrations at the Preschool where I work. Thanksgiving week we were out of town. It was lovely and I had planned to cover that topic this week but instead, I spent this whole week just trying to get caught up from being out of town.
My house was dirty. I had 10,000 loads of laundry. We all immediately had to go back to work and school after being gone a whole week. My kids had the end of Football season games. And, I found out today my job is changing from three days a week to five days a week – every week – not just when they need a temp. My oldest turns 16 next week and I haven’t done a damn thing towards Christmas. I’ve not decorated. I’ve not bought anything. I’m seriously scrambling and behind the eight ball. And, if you know or have read this blog long enough, you know I don’t do anything halfway. There are no half assed jinglers here. We jingle all the damn way.

I said all that to say – a proper post is coming.

In other news, I have been doing this blog thing for three years now. I still only have about 50 subscribers which is slightly frustrating. Maybe all those friends that keep telling me I’m funny are full of shit or have bad taste. Just kidding, y’all. (Whispers – not really). I think I’m just not everyone’s coffee cup of vodka.

Also, it’s officially time to move from Metroburg as I saw someone at the grocery store today that recognized me slumming without makeup and wearing a mask. When you can live in a town and get recognized or when people know your business, it’s time to move.


Turkey Day

Tomorrow, the preschool I work for will have their Thanksgiving celebration.  We will be closed all next week so that most of the kids can sit at home and drive their parents crazy. Texas has not instituted massive lockdowns again. Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did. Toilet paper and paper towels are flying off the shelves. You’d think everybody expects the trots this Thanksgiving. At least one can still buy plenty of flour and such for your holiday baking.

I, for one, am going away for the holiday. I’ll let y’all know how it went when I get back. I hope I am not met by Texas rangers at the state line when I return asking where I’ve been and telling me to quarantine. I will do so. It’s no problem really, but it feels a little like the Gestapo.

This is one weird holiday for sure at least we still have Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and Alice’s Restaurant. If you want to read a real Thanksgiving post check out my post from last year. It’s a peek into the white trash celebration of my youth. You can check it out here. Despite the shit show that is 2020, we still have many blessings to count. Be thankful.


Friday the 13th

Today is Friday the 13th and I’m not ashamed to admit I asked my hubs if he wanted me to throw some holy water on him before he walked out the door to go to work.

It was 8 months ago on Friday, March 13 that shit hit the fan. I can’t believe it’s been 8 months. To be honest, time has no meaning anymore.  What happened two months ago could just as easily be two weeks ago. But, humanity adapts. There is a new normal. Just the other day, I left work wearing my mask and was halfway home before I realized I was still wearing it. The preschool where I work has a rule that you must wear your mask while on school property – even in the parking lot while walking to and from the building. I’m so used to wearing it, I simply forgot to take it off.

I’m not so sure I like this new normal. While I can see how what we are doing to prevent spread is for the greater good (mask wearing, etc.), I see massive government overreach – like in California and New York. The long term ramifications of this pandemic will be studied for decades and perhaps centuries to come.

Besides the new normal, there’s also Covid fatigue. I’m pretty sure most of us are feeling that right about now. I know I am. I don’t know how safe it is but I’m doing everything I ever did pre-covid only I’m wearing my mask and washing my hands so much my skin is cracking. I walk the trails near my house. I go to work. I go to the grocery. I hit up TJ Maxx and Costco. I go out to eat. I see friends although we sit far apart. My mother in law visited last week. I didn’t hug her or get right up in her face but she stayed in my home. These are all acceptable risks or at least risks I’m willing to take.

What are you doing? What are you comfortable with? Are you still living in a bubble? I don’t blame anyone for doing what they feel comfortable doing as long as it doesn’t infringe on anyone else’s safety.



Keeping My Head Down

A funny thing has happened this week. No, not this shit show of an election. It seems almost everyone I know, myself included, has gone radio silent. The only things showing up on my social media feeds are friends selling essential oils and norwex cloths, Disney news and early black friday deals. My text messages are similar – kids requesting an after school pick up and the pharmacy telling me a prescription is ready.

I’m just as much to blame as everyone else. I have nothing to say. I was worried about the days leading up to the election. Certain parts of Texas are having Covid surges. I feared they would close in person voting. That wasn’t the case. Then I was worried about riots and looting after the election (no matter who won). And, now, this fresh load of crap we are dealing with. I mean who could have predicted all of this. Incredible.

All I can do is keep my head down. I get up, go to my job and avoid the news like the plague and don’t talk politics with anyone. I suppose I could pray. But, honestly, that’s about it. I hate to wish away time but damn if I don’t wish this dumpster fire of a year would be over already. Elon Musk needs to work on time travel or Jesus needs to hurry up and return.

P.S. My bright spots here lately is a new podcast I’ve been listening to called Unobscured and the return of This is Us. Oh yeah, and the podcast, this season is about Jack the Ripper. How is that for cheery?


Finish Line

I am so tired of this election season. Here in Texas, the politicians are just cut throat this year. I keep hearing phrases like “California values” and “take away your healthcare”. And, lets not even talk about the old fart shit show that is the Presidential race.  The only good thing I see about the whole thing is we have less than a week before it will all be over. Don’t worry, I’m not under any delusions that there won’t be some bru-ha-ha regardless who wins. I’m sure we’ll see protests, riots and whichever party that looses having a full blown hissy fit/come apart. But, the lionshare of mud slinging and shit shows will finally be over. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

Regardless of where you stand, I hope you vote. I hope you educate yourself and not take what your candidate says at face value. If one party claims the other party is doing something or not doing something, do you your own research. I’m worried about a lot of the big oil rhetoric.  The big evil oil companies that everyone hates – they don’t just make the gas for your car.  Our modern life cannot function the way it does without petroleum. We absolutely need alternative solutions but need to a real workable plan on how to continue our lives without using petroleum – not some arbitrary date made up by a politician who has no idea how the world works. In case you didn’t know check out this infographic on how “Big Oil” touches almost every facet of our lives. Think about that when you go to the polls. 

Photo Credit: I have no idea. This has been floating around for a week now. I can say it’s 100% accurate. My hubs works for a company that supports big oil. It’s astounding how much of our daily life is possible because of petroleum and has been since roughly WWII. No copyright infringement intended. I’m not making any money off this thing. Don’t sue me. I’m broke. Blood, turnip and all that jazz.