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Y’all know I occasionally do favorite things and recommendations – usually for books and movies.  Today, I’m doing something new. I’m recommending a podcast. I love podcasts. They are great for long commutes and when slugging away on the treadmill or trails.  I wish I could take credit and say I discovered this one on my own.  It was actually rec’ed to me by a dear friend. The podcast is called Believed. You can find it at and on the NPR One app, Pocket Casts, Apple Podcasts, and wherever podcasts are available.

I feel I should give you a warning. This is not a feel-good podcast. It’s about the Olympic Gymnastics Doctor Larry Nassar and the sexual assault cases brought against him nearly a year ago.  I know many of you will shake your head ‘no’ at this discovery and say “no way” but please hear me out. I know many of us are weary about the whole sexual assault ‘Me Too’ movement.  I don’t think this podcast is riding the movements’ coattails. as this case exploded before that movement. For me, the take away for this podcast is to remember sexual assault/harassment can happen anywhere and to anyone and in situations where trust is just a given.

This podcast was a real wake up for me. Even with the “Me Too” movement, we as women tend to forget or bury things even though we’ve all endured something. It might have been something as benign as a creepy teacher that liked to leer at girls with large chests (Yep, that was my school.). Or, it could be something more serious like a hansy boss or a date that ended in rape. We need podcasts like this one to remind us these predatory people will stop at nothing to get what they want.  There are many clowns out there, like Larry Nassar, that have been pulling crap for years and never get caught. They have perfected the cover-up.  They are super slick and hard to catch.  As a parent of a young girl, it was a reminder that even the most trusted adults can be wolves sheep’s clothing. Just because someone holds a position of trust does not mean they are trustworthy.  I urge any parent to listen to this, especially parents of young girls who have close relationships with other adults.





A few weeks ago Oprah brought out her annual list of favorite things. Y ‘all know I love me some Oprah.  I realized when I read it it’s been a while since I talked about my current favorite things.  So, let’s talk and rest assured you can afford these things unlike 90 percent of the stuff on Oprah’s list.

img_2031You can’t have the holidays without indulging and I like to indulge in the bubbly.   I recently found this Apothic Sparkling wine at a grocery store called Sprouts but I’ve also seen it at Kroger. It’s limited edition so go buy it all. Much like Baby Bear’s porridge, it’s just right.  It’s not too dry and it’s not sweet.   A cousin brought this prosecco to Thanksgiving and she and I polished off the bottle in minutes. I felt a little guilty for being so greedy but damn, it was good.

Next, let’s talk about movies and tv as I am a huge fan of img_2024both. I highly recommend The Kids are Alright on ABC and God Friended Me on CBS.  I hope these shows don’t get canceled.  For some reason, both of these shows have cancel me written all over them; probably because they don’t have to do with cops or hospitals. That seems to be all network tv can do – put out cop and hospital shows.  And, the big three wonders why streaming original programming is eating their lunch. (Insert eye roll here.)  I’m also wild about the movies Bohemian Rhapsody and A Star is Born.  If these movies do not win Oscars or Golden Globes it will be a tragedy.

On a side note, today’s entry was a little on the light side.  Yeah, I know.  It’s got about as much substance as a fashion magazine. I don’t know about y’all but I have been chasing my tail all week trying to get caught up from being out of town.  I was riding the struggle bus just to get this little bit written and published. I do have things in the works.  I have a think piece about the pink tax and how people have lost their damn minds with classic shows and movies. I’m sure there will be something nostalgic in there somewhere as I always get ridiculously sappy and nostalgic at the holidays. Oh to be able to time travel and get to see happy memories from Christmas pasts. Hey Charles Dickens, I could do with one of those Ghost of Christmas Past.  Y’all think Amazon could deliver one of those?  I swear they have everything else. Just last night I ordered Neutrogena night cream for me and a leopard print picture frame for my stepmom. Don’t worry she won’t know about the frame. She is the last person in the world without the internet. She wants to keep it that way.








Look at that Haul

Y’all what is up with haul videos on Youtube? My kids turned me onto these. Apparently, it’s a thing to buy a bunch of crapola and then show it off on camera for Youtube.  To me, these videos are the ultimate in showy, pretentious, wasteful mass consumerism and yet I can’t help myself. I now follow a lady who regularly does grocery haul videos for her very large family. Most of her hauls are from Aldi, Costco, Win-Co and Trader Joes. Thanks to her, I now shop at Aldi and Win-Co more than I do at my beloved Kroger.

Since I don’t do Youtube videos, today’s post will be pictures and descriptions of some new favorite products and we can pretend this is a haul video.  You know the minimalist Christmas trick of gifting something to wear, something to read and something to play with?  Today’s selection of goods is something to drink, something bad for you and something practical.  But, before I start showing off my goods let me say I don’t get any kickbacks or free merch from these companies. But, I would be happy to accept some free merch, coupons, cold, hard cash, etc. if those companies were so inclined. Now, without further ado, my first item.

IMG_0565.jpgProvisions.  I just like that name. It’s so wonderfully basic and yet perfectly describes a need and who doesn’t need wine.  It comes in white and red but I have only tried the white and I adore it. It’s light, not too dry, not sweet, refreshing and crisp. It comes in this cute little resealable container you keep in your fridge so it’s easy to grab a glass or deglaze a pan or grab a glass. And, y’all, it’s cheap.  I love a bargain. One of these little boxes costs about 4.99.  You can’t beat it.

img_0752.jpgAdli cookies. Move over Girl Scouts cause you have some stiff competition.  I discovered these little gems right around the time the Girl Scouts were wrapping up their cookie sales.  I legit did a blind taste test of Aldi’s version of the thin mints and the Girl Scout version.  Some of my family reported not being able to tell the difference while others proclaimed the Aldi version better.  Truly you owe it to yourself to find an Aldi and try them.  And, guess what?  They are dirt cheap! (Do you see a pattern here?) Seriously, y’all they are only like 2.99 (maybe cheaper) for a big ole package.  They have a knock-off thin mint and a knock-off caramel delight/samoas/coconut thingies.  They also have other cookies but I wasn’t looking at those. You’ll have to check those out yourself.

IMG_0900.jpgFinally, something practical.  Mardi Gras napkins.  (Insert needle scratch sound effect here.)  Yes, I realize napkins are not at all life-changing and not very fun.  I understand. But, get this, these Mardi Gras brand napkins have little conversation starters on them.  These napkins have saved dinnertime at my house.  When I say saved I don’t mean they cleaned up a mess.  I mean everyone was


grumpy and silent, no one was talking and I was just waiting for someone to lose their temper. I bust out with a conversation starter from these napkins and boom we having a lovely dinner without horrible attitudes.  And, they still clean up a mess or wipe off a dirty face.  Y’all, it’s a total win.  And, guess what, say it with me, they are super cheap! I want to say a package is about 2.99 or 3.99 which is totally cheaper than the Bounty napkins or those other fancy napkins with the red packing my grandmother used to only buy at the holidays.  I’m sorry I can’t remember the name. I want to say Chinet but that’s wrong.  Someone, please remind me what brand those fancy napkins are.  It’s driving me crazy not being about to remember.  I will probably lay awake tonight racking my brain for the name and thinking to myself, ‘Yep, this is the beginning of Alzheimer’s.’

So, there you have it, my take on a grocery haul.  If you are interested in checking out the lady I mentioned earlier, her Youtube (linked) is called The Family Fudge.  I want to say she has a blog too but I can’t remember. I really like her lunch box ideas, Disney stuff and her healthy food hauls. Y’all, I’m really thinking I need to get me a Youtube and make vlogs but I always look somewhat homeless. It would just be a trainwreck.  You can write while sporting bedhead and yoga pants but I wouldn’t vlog in it.



Doopra.jpg you remember when Oprah would have her favorite things episodes back when she did a daily talk show?  “You get a car! You get a car and you get a car!” Yeah, she always highlighted cool stuff.  She still does in her magazine, O, but it’s not the same as seeing the enthusiasm on everyone’s face.  Well, I’m no Oprah (although we shared the same Algebra teacher) but I have some favorite things that I want to share with my readers.  Unlike Oprah, I will not be sending each of you a sample.  Hell, I’m not even getting free merch or a discount.  Nope, this just free advertising about stuff I really like.

So, today’s installment of favorites is two friends of mine. More specifically, they are enormously talented small business owner/artisans. The talents these ladies possess blows me away.  They can create things.  I mean take raw materials, work their magic and boom cool useful stuff.  I don’t have this kind of talent.  I can run my mouth and clean the house.  I can’t create anything other than maybe dinner and a mess.  So without further ado, my inaugural favorite things post.


Distilled Daydreams – I love smells but I have allergies.  I love fancy soap but I have sensitive skin.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find a soap that lathers well, smells nice, is made with natural, responsibly sourced ingredients and contains no sodium lauryl sulfates?  Sounds impossible, right? Wrong! Look no further than Distilled Daydreams.  Her soap is a wonderful everyday luxury.  Since I started I started using her soap, my skin isn’t as dry as it once was and my KP (keratosis pilaris) has all but vanished.  Her scents are amazing and she often does themed batches.  She recently announced she is going to do a Harry Potter inspired collection very soon.  If soap isn’t your thing, she also makes body butter and heel salve.  She’s offered gift baskets in the past and she takes custom orders (think party favors).


Lora Douglas Jewelry – Oh my gosh y’all, I want all the things.  Seriously, every piece is just fabulous.  I have ordered a few things (teacher gifts, graduation gifts, gifts for myself tee hee hee) and she has given me a couple things as presents and they are all just fantastic.  I adore the latitude/longitude items (pictured).  I have a pair of earrings that I wear all the time.  The handwriting/kid art items (pictured) are truly spectacular and such a one of kind gift. I’m thinking my next purchase is going to be a concert ticket cuff. My only problem is what concert ticket to use.


Both of these ladies ship all over the place so your location is a non-issue.  And, these ladies know what they are doing.  They’ve been practicing their craft for years.  Links to their Etsy pages can be found if you click on their business name in this post. Links to their respective Facebook pages will be posted below. So go treat yo’ self or if you really have to, go buy a gift for someone else.  But really, treat yourself first.  As L’Oreal says, “You’re worth it.”

Distilled Daydreams Facebook –

Lora Douglas Jewelry Facebook –